Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gingerbread couple

                  Ginger Bread couple

Material List:
BOY                                                                                 GIRL
1 piece of tan felt                                                       1 piece of Tan felt
3x3 piece of White Felt                                             2x2 piece of White felt
White DMC Floss                                                        White DMC Floss
Needle with a Big EYE                                               Needle with a Big EYE
Adhesive 6mm Rhinestones                                    Adhesive 6mm Rhinestones
Small Piece of white yarn                                        Small Piece of white yarn
Fiber Fill                                                                      Fiber Fill
Christmas ribbon 3/8”                                             6” of sheer red ribbon. 3/8”
Hot glue gun                                                             Christmas Ribbon.
                                                                                   Hot glue gun

1-Trace and Cut out the Pattern for the Ginger bread People out of the Tan felt.
2-Trace and Cut the Hearts out the White Piece of felt. 2-for the boy & 1 for the Girl

3- Sew the Skirt onto the one of the Felt Gingerbread person. At the waist for the skirt
4- Start to sew the Ginger Bread people together with DMC White floss. Do not sew the head just yet. Leave it open.
5- Hot glue the hearts to them. The boy’s go one is on the belly and the other above.  Girls is actually her heart,
6- Fill the ginger bread with the fiber fill. When you reach the head fill it as much as you can. Then sew the head together.

7- On the girls sew the rest of the skirt to the back.
8- Glue the eyes on, and the smile, use the white yarn. Make a smile with hot glue and put the yarn on it.
9- If you can find 3/85” inch Christmas Ribbon. Take the Same one you used for the Girls Skirt. 6” inches piece. Cut in half. With one of the pieces, hot glue in Half. Make a bow and hot glue on the Boy.
10- with the Sheer Ribbon. Make a bow for the Girl. Hot Glue it onto the right Ear. Just like your picture.


                                           Joy@Hilo Ben Franklin

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