Monday, October 31, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 19 - Deco Mesh Bow

It’s that time again! No, I don’t mean time to scare little children, I mean time to crank out some crafts. This week’s episodes are all about knowing how to mesh up your life with Deco Mesh.

Puna presents our first episode of the week, a simple project, the Deco Mesh bow.

You’ll have to bow down to this awesome bow making technique using Deco Mesh ribbon and the Bowdabra.

Here’s a short list of supplies for your bow:
Deco Mesh ribbon
Bowdabra bow maker
Pipe cleaner

Happy Halloween! *You can also see step by step pictures and instructions to make a bow from our previous post from Puna today.

Make Great Bows

Right around this time of year I always get a lot of questions about how to make nice bows (remember I said last week that we have 2 months til Christmas?) so I decided that bow making would probably be a good topic for today's blog.

The easiest ribbon to make a bow out of is wired ribbon. Lucky for you, Ben Franklin always brings in a lot of wired ribbon just in time for Christmas and that's the kind of ribbon I'm using in the blog today.

To make this beautifully large bow, all I used is ribbon, a pipe cleaner, scissors, and the Bowdabra bow maker. (You don't need the Bowdabra to make beautiful bows, but it does help a lot.)

To begin, insert your (color coordinated) pipe cleaner into the Bowdabra as shown. The pipe cleaner is what is going to hold your bow together.

Start creating your bow by accordion folding the ribbon into the Bowdabra. Make sure that your loops on either side of the Bowdabra are the same size. This makes a symmetrical bow. In this picture my loops are about 3 inches long and the finished bow comes out about 6 inches in diameter.

Once you have the amount of loops you want (I like to do odd numbers like 5 or 7 loops plus 1 for a center loop) cut your ribbon. If you want a tail on your bow, add it in now, right on top of your finished loops.

Use the small plastic piece that comes with the Bowdabra (I call it the smoosher) to push and smoosh your ribbons all the way to the bottom of the bow maker.

Carefully remove your ribbon from the bow maker and use the pipe cleaner like a twist-tie to secure your bow. The pipe cleaner can also be used later on to attach the bow to your gift or piece of decoration.

Create your finished look by opening up the loops of ribbon to make your bow nice and full. That's all there is to it! Wired ribbon is always great to use because even if the bow gets smashed it's super easy to re-fluff it and put it back into shape.

If you have any questions about bow making or ribbons, please don't be afraid to ask, we're always happy to help.

Have a bountiful bow-day!
Puna @ Enchanted Lake

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Christmas Forest Update!

Last time, I shared with you some pictures of our upcoming Christmas Tree Forest. Well, all of the trees are completed and revealed! I wanted to share some of the newer pictures of the trees.
Yes, that is an upside-down tree. No, we didn't make a mistake. ^.^ You need to come in and take a look at this tree. It's beautiful and incredibly interesting. (And I've gotten a lot of comments about "Um...did you put your tree upside-down by accident?")

And if you look closely at the tree on the right hand side of this picture, you'll see one of Donna's surprise trees that she didn't want to tell me about: It's a Hello Kitty Tree! It's so cute! I wanted to take the whole thing home with me!
As for the rest of the surprise trees, well, you're just going to have to come in and see them. The pictures just did not do them justice. Donna did an amazing job this year!!

Before I go, I just wanted to invite everyone on the Big Island to come to our Ben Franklin Crafts/Ace Hardware 60th Anniversary Celebration at Hilo Ace Hardware on Saturday, November 05 from 10a.m. - 2p.m. All kinds of interesting stuff is planned! More information is available on the November calendar.

See you soon!!

~Jen @ Hilo Ben Franklin

(Thanks to Elsa for the beautiful pictures! They were taken after the store closed one night so you could see the pretty lights!)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 18: Photo Transfer Glass Block & Friday Framing Tip: Different Types of Glass

Time for Friday’s edition of Crankin’ Out Crafts. BTW, please don’t use large blocks of ice for these projects, it won’t work at all, we’ve tried.

JFlo shows off one of her best ideas ever, with this photo transfer method done on a glass block. 

Much like today’s project, we are completely transparent with our supply lists:
Glass block
Heavy gel medium (found in our art section)
Palette knife
Photo printed on printer paper (not photo paper)
Large container or bucket of water

We also have a special treat for you today; B-dizzle is back with another Friday framing tip. Today she talks about different types of glass.

We hope you liked this week’s Crankin’ Out Crafts, please join us again next week for a new theme.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 17: Engraved Block

Puna is very etch-cited about presenting today’s episode of Crankin’ Out Crafts.

You have to click here to watch: Crankin' Out Crafts: Episode 17 - Engraved Block

 This engraving pen makes a noise very similar to a dentist’s drill, but Puna doesn’t care, she’s making an intriguing decoration on a glass block.

These supplies are absolutely necessary for continued crafting:
Glass block
Engraving pen (it’s battery operated!)
Stencil (pick your own design)

So, you know the drill, come back again on Friday for more crafting fun with glass blocks.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 16: Cherry Blossom Block

Welcome to a brand new week of Crankin’ Out Crafts. This week we want you to get ready for a block party – a glass block party. That’s right; we’re decorating those great containers that look like building supplies for igloos.

JFlo gets us started off with Episode 16 – Cherry Blossom Block.

In this episode, JFlo is back again with more alcohol, except this time she’s using alcohol inks to make a beautiful cherry blossom design on a glass block. 

The supply list for this project is not long, but it’s not exactly short either:

Glass block
Tim Holtz’s alcohol ink applicator
Applicator felt cut into flower shapes
Alcohol inks (your color choice)
Scribbles (JFlo uses the “Golden Brown” color in the video)

Join us on Wednesday for a glass block decoration that will really “etch” itself into your memory.

*Don't forget to check out Puna's post earlier today on how to make the Deco Mesh Wreath!

Deco Mesh Wreath

Hello fellow crafters! Just letting you know that we only have about 2 months before Christmas and even less time than that if you want to get your decorations up. I bet you want to a super duper easy decorating idea huh? No worries, I've got one ready just for you, the Deco Mesh Wreath!

If you have no idea what this Deco Mesh stuff is, this is what it looks like. It's a plastic mesh interlaced with sparkly foil and comes in a lot of different sizes and colors. 

These are work wreaths, which are essentially just two wire rings attached together with some artificial pine boughs. They look pretty skimpy all by themselves but just wait and see what happens when you add the Deco Mesh.

This is how you're going to start making your wreath. Starting with the top circle on the work wreath, open up a pair of pine boughs. Grab a hank of the Deco Mesh, scrunch it together, and place it in between the two pine pieces.

Then, you use the pine pieces to secure the Deco Mesh to the work wreath. It's a little like twist-tying the Deco Mesh in. Easy right?

To make a basic wreath just continue placing bunches of Deco Mesh into the pine boughs all around the wreath. In between pine pieces I usually measure out about 6 to 12 inches of Deco Mesh (which makes the poofs on the wreath smaller or bigger). Also, since there are two rings on the work wreath, I tend work the top ring first then move on to the bottom.

If you want to add other colors to your wreath you can do it really easily. I just reopen all the pine pieces and use them to secure the second or even third color of Deco Mesh.

Here's my finished wreath made with royal blue, turquoise, and white Deco Mesh on a white work wreath.

If you would like to see this project in person, our Enchanted Lake store will be doing demonstrations for this wreath from now, all the way up until Christmas. Stop by the store or check out our online store calendar for specific dates and times.

Keep on crafting!

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

Friday, October 21, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 15 - Yarn Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath

It’s Crankin’ Out Crafts time again. Today’s episode, “Yarn Wrapped Styrofoam (yes Styrofoam, not straw, Styrofoam) Wreath”, is presented by He’s-Got-Straw-On-His-Mind-Brandon.

Brandon will get you wrapped up in his newest project with a very long name, the Yarn Wrapped Styrofoam Wreath. He may say straw a lot but what he means is awesome!

These are the supplies for this awesome wreath:
Styrofoam Wreath (I’ll say it one more time…not straw)
Yarn (we used red heart yarn in a very heart-red color)
Hot glue and glue gun
Decorations like picks, ribbon flowers, buttons, etc. (you could do straw here but we can’t guarantee that it will look nice)

Now you either have a lot of wreath decorations or some awesome looking life savers. (Wreaths are NOT guaranteed to work as floatation devices.) Please join us next week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more crafting fun and a brand new theme.

Don't forget to read our other post of the day about Market City BFC's Face Painting Events.


Aloha Crafters,

October 15, Market City Ben Franklin Crafts hosted a face painting session from 11am-1pm. It was a lot of fun. I didn't know much about the face and body paint that we carried so this face painting session was both fun but also informational. The paint can be watered down to make it easier for detailed work. After working with the paint I found that unlike water color or oil paints for canvas, this face and body paint when mixed does not make that vibrant of colors. I thought I could mix blue with yellow to get a real vibrant green because the blue and yellow were vibrant. However, I ended up with a muddy green. So I suggest if possible to chose a color that has already been mixed. Also, I found that using the synthetic hair brushes such as nylon or taklon worked better for smooth lines than the natural camel hair brushes. The camel hair brushes were softer but the hairs would come out into the paint because the paint is really sticky.

Here are a few pictures from our recent Face Painting Event:

Another question that comes up a lot at our store is "what glue is best for skin?" this question always scares me because although the glues we carry are non toxic I don't think they were meant to glue on rhinestones or worn for an extended amount of time. For one thing, they are not really flexible and the skin moves when the body moves. My suggestion is to use a removable eyelash glue. It is meant to be worn on one of the most sensitive areas of the body, the eyelid. It dries clear and is flexible.

The next scariest question is "where is your glitter?" I respond with " what kind of glitter do you want and what is your project?" At this time of the year people are working on costumes for Halloween, and they want the glitter to wear on their bodies. I think "BLING" is good and if glitter is necessary than go for it just try to avoid the face as much as possible. Don't put loose glitter in your hair because it will fall into your eyes. Glitter is tiny pieces of glass or metal that can damage the eyes. So, if your face needs glitter secure it well with a gel and use as little as possible or glitter yourself from nose down and avoid hair and above eyes altogether.

Market City Shopping Center will host face painting this Saturday October 22nd. Ben Franklin Market City will host a free face painting session again on October 29th from 11am-1pm. Please come and join me on the 29th for more help on make-up or face paints!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

My Deco-Con

Have you seen any of the Deco den crafts that are so popular in Japan? Well feast your eyes on this gorgeous note holder that Penny made!!  Looks so yummy!!  Did you know that she's teaching some classes that will introduce you to this kawaii technique?  Penny has been researching techniques and information on Deco den for a while now and has put together a class called "My Deco-Con". In it you'll do a smaller, easier project of this technique using modeling paste, rhinestones, glass bugle beads, and embellishment buttons!  It's $20 and includes supplies so hurry to our Mapunapuna store to reserve your seat before they're all filled!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya at the store!

Lynn @ Mapunapuna BFC

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 14 - Ribbon Wreath

Ready for more wreath-making fun? Today, Puna will show you how to make a ribbon wreath to wear around your head.

Click here to watch Episode 14:  Crankin' Out Crafts: Episode 14 - Ribbon Wreath

This ribbon wreath can be made with old birthday bows or brand new wired ribbon, it’s your choice.

Start your collection of birthday bows now! Otherwise, here is your supply list:
Straw wreath
Wire edge ribbon
Greening pins

Don’t forget, there is one more wreath idea coming up on Friday!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween Tube-a-licious

Only two more weeks until Halloween everyone! Here's one last treat craft to help you get ready in time.

You need food safe tubes (they're kind of hard to see in this picture because they're clear), some appropriate stickers, a edge punch of your choice (I used the Martha Stewart punch called "Footlights"), some cardstock, a little bit of ribbon, double-stick tape, and candy, of course. 

For your first step add stickers to your tube and double-stick tape some edged paper to the bottom of the tube. After that, fill up your tube with treats. 

To make a cute tag, cut your card stock into two sizes. The cream piece in this picture is 2.25"x4.75" and the green piece is 2.5"x5". Tape one piece to the other and add more edged paper and stickers. Then, I used a 1/8" hole punch to make a very small hole in my tag.

Finish off this cute favor by threading some pretty (or spooky) ribbon through the tag and tie the tag to the tube.

We're doing some demonstrations on this project at Enchanted Lake this month. You can check our online calendar or drop in to the store for more information.

Don't forget to check out our previous post about Crankin' Out Crafts too!

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 13: Drink Umbrella Wreath

Who’s ready for the next three installments of Crankin’ Out Crafts? This week’s theme will help you with your Christmas decorating or as a life preserver in the event of a water landing or flash flood. Yes, we’re making wreaths. (BTW, we’re not sure what would happen if you tried to take a wreath on the airplane. You might want to check with TSA first.)

JFlo put in a lot of leg work preparing for today’s episode, “Drink Umbrella Wreath”, by collecting her umbrellas from numerous drinking establishments around the island. (Also, please excuse her mispronunciation of the word “parasol”; her preparation is starting to take its toll.)

JFlo has downed a few cocktails and now has enough umbrellas to decorate her straw wreath. 

Here’s the supply list for this wreath (you might want to make a few copies if you’re going to collect your umbrellas the same way JFlo did):

Straw Wreath
Drink Umbrellas (drinking not needed, these can actually be bought in a package)
Ribbon for a bow

Next up on Crankin’ Out Crafts, another great way to decorate your life preserver or wreath. Don’t miss it, this Wednesday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Forest is Growing in Our Store!

Now that it's October, Christmas will be here before we know it! Although our ornaments and other decoration items have been on our shelves since the summer, we're finally starting to get in the spirit and decorate our store!

There's a forest of trees growing in our store and slowly they're all getting decorated and revealed. Donna has been planning and plotting for months now about different themes and different styles for each tree and she's finally getting to share those with you!

We wanted to share some of the amazing trees that we currently have showcased in our store. Stop by soon to come see them! And keep coming back weekly to see what the newest addition to our forest is. There are a few secret trees that Donna won't even tell me about! (It's probably because I'm a bit of a blabbermouth and she knows that I'd probably come running over to this blog to tell everyone the secret! Oops.)

You can find all of these decorations and much much more at Ben Franklin Crafts. (And you might want to start now because Christmas is right around the corner!!)

So come on by soon to visit us and see what Donna's come up with this year!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 12 - Halloween Bat Headband

Ready for more dress-up fun? Today, Voodoo Skull Puna shows off her frightfully fashionable “A Bat Attacked My Head and It’s Cute Headband.”

Puna got a bat stuck in her hair once and this is the idea that came from it. The batty head piece may not be a full costume but it’s more than the guy dressed up like a “student” has.

Live bats are not sold at Ben Franklin; therefore, this is what you need instead:

Blank headband
Die-cut bat shape
Ultra fine glitter
Paint brush
Tacky glue
Spray paint (your color choice)

Now you’re ready to go out and scare up some costumes. Please join us next week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more crafting fun and a brand new theme.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Desk Buddy

Need a gift idea for a teacher or office worker?  How's about this little desk accessory that you can personalize to fit their taste or the season?  Here's what you'll need to pick up:

I used a 6x4 bent acrylic frame.

You'll also need double stick tape, a small acrylic box (to hold paper clips or rubber bands), an aqua tube (to hold the pen), 5 minute epoxy, and the small 4x4 calendar.
Then get your choice of decorative paper, embellishments, post it notes, a pen, and either paper clips or rubber bands.

I cut off the loop behind the embellishment and then used 5 minute epoxy to attach it to the pen. This glue was also used to attach the aqua tube to the back of the frame and it will function as a pen holster.  I had it slightly protruding above the edge of the frame so that it would be easy to find when returning the pen.  I like using the 5 minute epoxy because it's a strong glue but it also sets in just a few minutes. 

Double stick tape was used to attach the post it notes as well as the acrylic box.

While I went for a Halloween theme you can easily change it up for what ever theme you like.  I think a winter, spring, summer, and fall theme would be fun and it's very easy to change out.  Be sure to also line the acrylic box with your themed paper since it looks much prettier then seeing the paper clips or rubber bands.
I used a variety of paper punches to further embellish the themed paper so let your creativity flow!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see ya later!

Lynn @ Mapunapuna BFC

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Angry Birds Seen at Pearl City!

Have you visited the Pearl City store lately? We're getting ready for the holidays...trees are decorated, wreaths being embellished and Angry Birds have been seen!? Join me tomorrow & Saturday for a demonstration on creating an ornament or two for that child (or adult) who is helping the birds rescue their eggs!? It's easy & fun with punches, cardstock and glue dots! See you there!
Gloria@Pearl City

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 11: Halloween Tulle Tutu

Welcome back to Wednesday’s edition of  Crankin’ Out Crafts! Today’s episode, “Your Tulle Tutu is Too, Too Scary” features Black Swan Lisa.

Black Swan Lisa’s costume idea won’t take a swan dive because it’s sure to be popular with the ladies. The tulle tutu is a must need for any ballerina, princess, or scary fairy. 

Ready to do your own rendition of Swan Lake? You’ll need these supplies:
Tulle of any color (pink for ballerinas, black and purple for scary fairies)
Rope elastic

Join us again on Friday for the last costume idea of the week. Don’t forget to watch!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Time to Punch Out (a card)

The new Martha Stewart punch all over the page and edge punches are here!

We are especially excited about the punch all over the page punches because they have nifty little magnets on their bases which enable you to... 

 punch all over the page! You could even punch a design out of the absolute center of your paper (if you can find the absolute center that is). Anyway, Martha has got a ton of new designs made just for Christmas and, with a little bit of layering, they can really add a whole new dimension to your scrapbook pages or cards.

In fact, I made a quick card of my own just to give you an idea. It's not a Christmas card but it does use the Martha Stewart "Christmas Star" punch. What do you think?

Don't forget to look at our previous blog entry for today. It's another fun edition of Crankin' Out Crafts.

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 10: Halloween Mask

Welcome to a new week for Crankin’ Out Crafts, the show for crafters on the go who want to be in the know. We’re continuing with Halloween this week but instead of décor we will focus on quick costume fixes for those last minute Halloween partygoers.

Today’s episode, “Don’t be a Halloweenie Mask,” is presented by Werewolf Attacked Brandon.

Click here to watch Episode 10: Crankin' Out Crafts: Episode 10 - Halloween Mask

Brandon (aka Scratch-Face) uses spray paint the color of an autumn sky to make his Halloween mask. No one will call him a Halloweenie because of his lack of costume this year. 

Supplies for those last minute partygoers who don’t want to be Halloweenies:
Blank plastic mask
Spray paint (autumn sky blue or color of choice)
DecoColor pen
Tacky glue
Hot glue sticks and gun
Big, fake, wire feather or real feathers

Coming up on Wednesday, we have another costume idea to save you from embarrassing comments about your lack of costume. (We can’t guarantee that you won’t still get embarrassing comments about wearing THIS costume, however.) Don’t miss it!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kawaii Halloween Details (long post)

Here are the Kawaii Halloween characters that we featured on the Joy of Crafting Show this month and that I blogged about back in August.  I showed how to make the Vampire character on the show but we've been getting a lot of questions on how to make the other characters so I'm going to break it down here on the blog.

I only used 2 types of adhesive.  Meriken Double Stick Tape was used for the larger pieces of paper and it's a nice strong product.  The Sakura Quickie Glue Pen was perfect for taking care of all the smaller more delicate pieces of paper and I was very pleased that it also worked well when I used it on the vellum.  I was also able to use the glue pen in it's removable glue format when I had to double punch some shapes to create gills or widow's peaks!

These are the tools used to make the eyes.  On the top we have the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punches in sizes 5/16 inch and 1/2 inch, I wanted 2 different size eyeballs because I thought it would look more comical.  On the bottom are the Fiskars Cushioned Grip Hand Punches in 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch circles, these are used to put in the highlight spots in the eyes to give it that anime look.  If your eyes are going on top of a white background then you can use the hand punches to cut out the spots directly on the eyes, otherwise use them to punch a bunch of white paper circles and glue them onto the eyes with the glue pen.  The 5/16 eye will only take one 1/8 inch circle highlight while the 1/2 inch eye will take one each of the 1/8 and 1/4 inch circle highlights. 

The Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punches are the Item of the Month for October at all of our Ben Franklin Craft stores so it's a great time to pick them up!  Since they come in a variety of basic shapes and sizes I found them perfect to create the different characters.  The blue colored ones are the 2 inch size that are perfect for the main portion of the face on the candy bags.

On the left from the top is a large nail clipper (yes, that's right) which I used to make the fur on the wolf man, please use a brand new pair not only for sanitary reasons but also to get a nice clean curve on the paper.  Since I'm new to paper crafting I wanted a consistent curve and I just didn't trust my skills with working the scissors free hand.
Next is the Fiskars Paper Edgers in Seagull, this was used to create the streak in the Bride of Frankenstein's hair.
Then we have Fiskars Cushioned Grip Hand Punch in 1/4 inch heart, a pair of scissors and finally the Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer pictured on the right.

Now for the characters themselves!  I already told you how to make the eyes so I'm going to skip the details on that.  If you are making these for the candy sticks then you will need the character face as well as a backing because the top of the candy stick will get sandwiched between the pieces for a secure end result.  The backing can be the same color and size of the main portion of the head.

For the Mummy use the blue colored Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch 2 inch circle, you will need 2 circles in white card stock (1 for the face and 1 for the back).  Using the paper trimmer, cut strips of white vellum for the bandages.  The strips don't have to be consistent in width, I think variety looks better but I kept it below 1/4 of an inch wide and 2 1/s inch long.  Using the glue pen, attach first the eyes and then the bandages.  Don't worry, the glue goes on blue but dries clear and the ends of the bandages should protrude beyond edges of the face.  Once the glue is clear, trim down the ends of the bandages around the face.

For the Creature From The Black Lagoon, use the blue colored Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch 2 inch circle, you will need 2 circles in mossy green (1 for the face and 1 for the back).  Use the 2 inch round and 2 inch heart punches on darker green card stock to make the widows peak by first punching a half circle, place it onto a piece of scratch paper with removable glue (remember the glue pen can be permanent or removable) and then line it up in the heart punch to get the peak. Use the glue pen to attach first the widow's peak and then the eyes.
Use the green colored Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch 1 inch heart to create the double bump shape that's used for the gills (dark green) and the eyebrows (moss green).  By lining the paper along the edges of the bows on the top of the heart, you can create this shape.  Use the glue pen to attach the eyebrows, the dip of the eyebrows should line up and be slightly above the dip of the widow's peak.
Use the blue colored Marvy Uchida Clever Lever Craft Punch 2 inch heart on mossy green card stock to make 2 hearts.  Use the glue pen to attach the gills, the bows of the gills should be opposite of the bows of the hearts and dips should barely touch.  Use double stick tape to attach the hearts to the back of the face, line the edge of the face to the bows of the gills.
Use the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punches in sizes 5/16 inch on pink card stock to create the lips.  First punch a 5/16 inch circle, attach to scrap paper with removable glue and then line within the same punch to trim the circle down to an oval shape.  Repeat this process with the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punches in size 1/2 inch onto the darker green card stock and keep the piece of trim.  Use the glue pen to attach the trim to the pink oval (about the center) and then the pink oval to the dark green oval.  Now attach the mouth to the face with the glue pen.

For the skull girl, use the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch circle punch on white card stock to make 2 circles.
On pink card stock, use the orange colored Marvy Uchida punch to make 2 hearts and the EK Success paper Shaper 5/16 inch circle to make 1 circle.  Put a piece of double stick tape on the back of the circle and then attach to the points of the 2 hearts to create a ribbon bow.
Use the Fiskars Cushioned Grip Hand Punch in 1/4 inch heart onto black card stock to make the nose.
Use the glue pen to attach the bow, the eyes, and the nose (be sure to have the heart upside down).
Use the Fiskars SureCut Paper Trimmer to cut a rectangle about 1 x 1/2 on white card stock.  Use the paper trimmer to then cut black card stock in a strip about 1/8 inch wide and 1/4 inch long.  Use the glue pen to attach to the white rectangle so that it looks like teeth.  Use double stick tape to attache to the bottom of the skull.

For Frankenstein, use the paper trimmer to cut green card stock into 2 rectangles that are 2 x 3 1/4 inches, black card stock into a rectangle that is 2 x 1 inches (his hair), a strip of black card stock that is around 1/16 inch wide (stitches), green card stock into 2 rectangles 1/2 x 1/4 inch and a strip that is 3/16 inches wide and 3 inches long (electrodes).
Take the rectangle of hair and use scissors to cut jagged bangs across one side.  Use double stick tape to attach to the top of his head.
Trim the black strip so you have a 1 inch piece and 3 that are about 1/4 inch.  Use the glue pen to make stitches running at an angle onto his forehead.
Use the glue pen to attach his eyes.
Use the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punch 1/2 inch to make a 1/2 circle in purple card stock for his mouth, attach with glue pen to his face.
Glue a 1/2 x 1/4 inch rectangle to each end of the 3 inch strip, then glue to the back of his head.

For the Wolf Man, use the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch circle punch onto dark brown card stock to make 3 circles (2 for his mane and 1 for the backing).  Use the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch heart punch onto beige card stock to make 1 heart (his face).  Use double stick tape to attach the 2 rounds to the back of the heart, the point of the heart should not have any dark brown behind it.  Use the nail clipper to create fur points along the outer edges of the mane.
Use the green colored Marvy Uchida heart punch onto medium brown card stock to make 1 heart, cut this in 1/2 to create 2 teardrops that will be his ears.  Use the Fiskars Cushioned Grip Hand Punch in 1/4 inch heart onto pink card stock for 2 hearts and onto black card stock for 1 heart.  Use double sided tape to attach the ears to his face, use the glue pen to attach a pink heart into each ear (heart should be upside down).  Use the glue pen to attach the eyes and the black heart upside down for the nose.
Use the paper trimmer to cut white card stock into a rectangle that is 3/4 x 1/2 inch.  Use the scissors to trim fangs along one side and then attach to the chin with double stick tape.

For The Bride of Frankenstein, use the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch circle punch onto light green card stock to make 2 circles.  Use the paper trimmer to cut a rectangle from black card stock that is 2 x 4 inches.  Use the Fiskars Paper Edgers in Seagull on white card stock to create 2 strips that are about 1/8 inch wide and 4 inches long.  Use the glue pen to attach the white strips onto the black rectangle about 1/2 inch in from the edge.  Use double stick tape to attach a green circle to one end of the rectangle.  Use the Fiskars Paper Edgers to trim the other end of the rectangle.
Use the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punch 1/2 inch onto black card stock to create her eyes and attach with the glue pen.
Use the Fiskars Cushioned Grip Hand Punch in 1/4 inch heart onto pink card stock to make her mouth and attach with the glue pen.

For Dracula, use the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch circle punch to make one circle in white card stock (face) and another in black card stock (for the back).
Create the widow's peak onto black card stock with the blue colored Marvy Uchida 2 inch circle punch and 2 inch heart punch.   First punch a half circle, place it onto a piece of scratch paper with removable glue and then line it up in the heart punch to get the peak.  Use the glue pen to attach the widow's peak and the eyes.
Use the EK Success Paper Shapers circle punch 1/2 inch to make a 1/2 circle in pink card stock for his mouth.  Use scissors to cut 2 triangles along the straight edge of the mouth, the negative space will make it appear to be fangs.  Attach to the face with the glue pen.

Well, I hope this helps but if you still have questions then please stop by our store and we'll help you out!

I'll see ya later!
Lynn @ Mapunapuna BFC