Saturday, September 30, 2017

Spider Wood Disc

             Spider Disc

Material List:
Wood Disc
Golden Acrylic paint Micaceous Iron Oxide
Paint brush
4 jumbo Popsicle sticks
Glue Gun
Black felt
40mm Google eyes
White Deco marker


       Paint one side of the disc. And both sides of the Popsicle sticks. Let Dry
-        Cut the popsicle sticks into half
-        Glue them on the back side of the disc. 4 on each side. arrange them to look like sider legs
-        Trace the disc onto the felt. And cut it out.
-        Glue the felt over the Popsicle sticks.
-        Glue on the google eyes.
-        Use the white maker to make the cheeks

  Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Monday, September 25, 2017

Spook-tacular Skull Wreath

Hi creative crafters! I'm so pumped for this autumn season and wanted to share with you guys a few spooky ideas to spruce up the house for Halloween! HouseMart Ben Franklin just got in a great selection of really cute and spooky Halloween items. Today's project is a skull wreath!

1 roll of 1" wide black ribbon
1 roll of 1" wide white ribbon
12"-14" Styrofoam wreath 
hot glue / hot glue gun
bag of skulls 
1 black feather boa 

 First, wrap simultaneously the black and white ribbon around your Styrofoam wreath. Use hot glue to secure the beginning and the ending. You will wrap ribbon around 1/2 of the wreath.

 Next, wrap the feather boa around the other 1/2 of the wreath, hot gluing the two ends of the boa to the ribbon to secure it.

 Finally, hot glue your skulls in place! I placed mine off to the side for an asymmetrical feel to break up the symmetry of the stripes. I even used some of the net bag as a netting accent! And simple as that, it's ready for the front door! Have a spooky good time playing with Halloween Decor! 

Bethany @Enchanted Lake 

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Heavy Gel Sgraffito Board

      Heavy Gel Sgraffito


Material List:
Golden Gesso
Golden Heavy Gel (Gloss)
Golden Self-Leveling Gel
Golden Fluid Ultramarine Blue
Golden Fluid Hansa Yellow Med.
Wood board
Brush, Palette Knife, and a pointed tool

n  Brush on the gesso and allow to dry

n  Create a 3 to 1 mixture of Heavy Gel and Ultramarine Blue. Spread onto the surface with the palette knife. Using the pointed tool, drag into the creating strokes over the entire board. Allow to dry
       The darker board is dried

n  Create 3 to 1 mixture of self-leveling gel and Hansa Yellow medium. Spread on to the surface with a palette knife. And let dry the yellow green board is dried

   There are so many more ways you can do it. enjoy

                         Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Wash Cloth Scrubby

          Scrubby Yarn washcloth

Red Heart Scrubby Cotton Yarn- 2 colors
Susan Bates Crochet Hook US-I9
Half Double Crochet Abbreviations for it is HDC

Chain 24


After you chain 24, start the first row- HDC into the third chain from the hook and in each across. that will be 22 HDC
-        Row 2- through 5 chains 2 at the beginning of the row and then HDC to the end.
-        Row 5- change your color and do the same as row 2 through 5.

Row 6-9 chain 2 and HDC into the rest.
-        Row 10 Change back to the first color.

                     Rows 10-14 chain 2 and HDC into the rest.
-                       Tie off and you are done.

                                             Joy @Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Wire Heart Earrings

           Wire Heart Earrings

Material List:
18 Gauge Wire
Bent nose Pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire Cutters
Wire Straightener
Wire loopier

You will needed 2 pieces of 7 inches of wire.
Straighten the wire with the Straightener.

Take the Wire and twist it around to make a loop in the middle of the wire.

Shape the 2 ends into a heart shape using the wire loopier.

Twist one end of the bottom around the other
Take the bent nose pliers and push the wire together, then wrap one more time around and tighten the wire around. Cut off excess wire

You will have a piece of wire sticking out of the end. Bend it into a loop with the round nose pliers.

  You can make them into earrings or necklace. Embellish by adding shells or beads

                 Joy @    Hilo Ben Franklin

Monday, September 4, 2017

Mason Jar Mixed Media Decor

Happy Monday creative crafters! I've been having so much fun getting inspired to decorate mason jars, I thought I would share with you a few different techniques you can use to spruce up any jar or even vase or glass bowl! Today's project is mixed media! And all the supplies used can be found at any local House Mart Ben Franklin craft store!

Montana Spray Paint in 2 different shades of pink
black oil based marker
black puffy paint / black BoBunny Perler pen

First, I cut out an oval from the vinyl sheet (contact paper) and placed it on the glass. Then I spray painted the whole thing in both colors of pink using the Montana brand.
Once the paint was dry, I peeled off the vinyl, outlined the oval with the black oil based marker, and squeezed out little dots around it using the puffy paint / BoBunny Perler pen!

crepe paper
matte Mod Podge
holiday ribbon / red burlap ribbon
hot glue gun / hot glue sticks
Snow Tex textured paste
Holiday themed wood slice 

First coat entire surface with Mod Podge using your brush and wrap your crepe paper all the way around. I added an extra coat of Mod Podge on the outer surface to seal the paper and make it more translucent. Once dry (maybe 2 hours) hot glue your choice of holiday ribbon around the outside and hot glue your wood slice as your finishing touch (I used it to hide the ribbon ends.) Then I used a brush and Snow Tex paste to add more texture around the top of the jar. I even applied a little to the top of the wood slice and the top edges of the ribbons! This will take several hours to dry but it is oh so cute!

dark spray paint (I used dark purple)
Ceramcoat acrylic paint in the color lavender  
Ceramcoat Crackle clear gel 

First paint the entire outer surface with the dark spray paint. Allow to fully dry, and then using your brush, apply the crackle gel to the entire outer surface with a generous coat and set aside to dry until tacky for 10-15 minutes. Then with a clean brush, "lay" strokes of lavender acrylic paint over the clear gel layer. As the paint dries, it will start to crackle! The thicker the paint strokes the wider the cracks! Be sure to only paint in one direction so your cracks will match each other.

sand colored stone spray
vinyl alphabet stickers
Design Master or Montana blue spray paint 

This process is very similar to the first process! Place your stickers on the glass, and then spray with first blue, and then your sandy stone spray! Because I sprayed the stone spray really really thickly, it had to dry for a few hours before I could remove the stickers without ripping or smudging. But how cool right? What a cute place to put your found seashells!

BoBunny Perler Pens in multiple colors 

This process uses minimal supplies, but definitely takes the most focus and patience! I started at the very top with dots, and then every third dot made a teardrop. Then every other teardrop I made a half circle. Use your shapes as a guide as well as a design! Keep building and adding detail. This process also takes about 1-2 hours to fully dry. 

So those are just a few mason jar ideas you can play and experiment with. Have fun and happy crafting!!

Bethany @EnchantedLake

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Round Scrubbie

                    Round Scrubby

Material List:
2 colors of Red Heart Scrubby
Susan Bates Crochet Hook US-I9
Abbreviations   HDC- Half Double Crochet
                           DC- Double Crochet

-        Chain 3
  Slip Knot into the first Chain to make a circle

-        Chain 2 and do a HDC into the middle 8 times.
-        Slip knot into the next stitch

-        Change color by cutting and tying together

     Chain 2 and DC 2 times into each HDC stitches

-        Change colors again.  Chain 2  and DC into each DC
-        To connect and finish off, do a Slip knot.

Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin