Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Wreath


              Spring is here. What better way to show off how happy you are that it is spring by making a                beautiful wreath for you door.

 12 Inch Straw Wreath

 2- Skein’s of Nani Apple Green
Bush Mini Daisy 8 inch Yellow
Stain Face 7/8 inch Color: Apple Green
Hot Glue Gun

  Leave the plastic on the Straw Wreath.
   Wrap the Satin Ribbon around the straw wreath. You can put a few drops of hot glue in different      places to set the ribbon in place.

Then wrap the Eyelash yarn around the wreath. Make it as full as you can. I put the Ribbon underneath so if not all areas are total covered it would not show.

                                 Hot Glue the Flowers onto the wreath.

                                   Please have fun with it.

JoyT @ Hilo Ben Franklin