Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mermaid Wreath

                    Mermaid Wreath

Material List:
Wreath Vine starburst 17” 30189671
Mermaid Laying
River rocks 3-6m Tiger strip
Stem-Hydrangea Purple
Succulents Bush 8.5” asst. Green and red
Designer shell bag
Conch Shell
Fish Netting Ivory
Lavender Fern
Succulent Zest Grass 7.75”
Wood Oval Disc.
Tiny It Spray Color Jade
Creamacoat Aqua Cool Pearl
Whit Deco Marker
 Hot glue gun

Spray the Wreath with the tint it spray
Paint the Wood Disc with the Aqua cool pearl
Glue the 2 rocks together with the hot glue and e600. The glue the the Mermaid to it. 
On the right side of the wreath glue on the shells the glue on some netting.

Around the shells glue on the Succulents bush (the red and green ones)
The  purple lavender bush use the long sticks and glue them in and around the shells
 Write on both of you wood disc. Then glue on the wreath. Then you can glue in where it need it the Hydrangea flowers.

On the left side on the top glue on the other wood disc.
On the bottom a big shell with green and red succulents around it and hydrangea too.
 On top of the Glue on the Mermaid...


  Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Sunflower Plaque

            Sunshine Plaque

Material List:
SPC Wood Plaque
Americana Gel Stains Oak Color
Paint brush
Golden Glass Bead Beads
Golden Hansa Yellow Med.
Golden Open Green Gold
Painting Knives
Sunflower Stencil #30181692
Posca Paint Pen
22 Gauge Silver wire 34 inches long
2 Eye hooks
Orange & Yellow beads from the soup
Round nose pliers

Stain the plaque with the Gel oak stain.  Let dry and make sure to stain the back too.
When dry tape the stencil onto the wood plaque.

Mix the Glass beads and your yellow paint together. When mixed well take the painting knife to apply on top of the stencil. Give it a good amount to the sunflower.
Mix the Glass beads and the Green gold paint together.  Apply to the board. On the leaves use more mixture. By putting more mixture on the leaves, it will pop them out more
Set aside top dry. May take over night to dry.

When Dry, then write (you are my sunshine). You can come up with something else.

Screw in the eye hooks to the top of the plaque. One on each end.
Put the wire through the eye hook. Leave an 8” piece at the end, then wrap around the eye hook three times.
Start to put the beads onto the wire. When you have about 18” inches of beads put the wire though the eye hook and wrap around three times.
Put beads on both ends of the wire. Leave about an inch to curl with the pliers. Use the round nose pliers, wrap the wire around the pliers and keep rolling the wire up until you it the last bead on the wire. When done twist the wire with the beads on it to curl a little too.


Enjoy and have fun with the Glass beads. It looks real great on Journals, Notebooks, bookmarks, paintings and on wood boxes.

                  Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Button Wreath

                      Button Wreath

14” Straw Wreath
7/8” satin Orange Ribbon
5/8” Sheer Satin Edge Yellow Ribbon
Orange Daisy Flower
6” of silver wire
A Mixture of Buttons
Hot Glue Gun

Wrap the straw wreath with the orange ribbon. Hot glue the end to bond it.
Using the Bow-a-rama,    you will be making 2 bows with the Yellow sheer ribbon

Lay the wire down as shown in the picture. Put the ribbon in the opposite way and start to layer it back and forth. 

When you do it at least 6 times on each side. Pull the wire up and wrap around the middle of the bow. As shown in the pictures.

Poke a hole in the wreath with a pair of scissors. Put some hot glue in the hole and insert the Daisy.
Hot glue a bow on each side of the flower.  Fluff and arrange
  Then have arrange all of your different button on the wreath.

             This wreath would be cute in any little girl’s room.

      Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin