Monday, January 30, 2017

Wedding Mermaid Crown

Hello fellow artists and crafters!
This week I've been thinking a lot about this new year and all the magical DIY projects there are to make for a wedding. I am really loving all the inspiration from nature and incorporating organic elements into the ceremony and reception in an elegant way.

I thought I'd experiment with mermaid crowns!

16 or 20 guage florist wire
paper wrapped florist wire
stem of small white flowers
white starfish
strand of pearl beads on a wire
hot glue gun / glue sticks
white shells
white primer spray paint
jute / twine 
wire cutters
   **optional** Silver glitter Spray

 First, using the paper wrapped wire, twist two pieces together in an oval measured to the circumference of your head. Bend the 16-20 gauge wire into an arch, then twist a few times around the base, and then continue with arches until you've gone the whole way around. You will end up using about 3-4 lengths of 12in wire.

Spray paint the entire crown white, and let sit to dry for about 1 hour.

Next, take the strand of your wire with pearl beads on it and weave it through the open arches you made, wrapping twice to anchor it to the crown.

Hot glue the white shells around the base. I placed my shells over the rough wire ends to hide them.

Glue your starfish on, being sure to only apply glue to the areas that touch the wires, as opposed to coating the entire back with glue.

Next glue in your white flowers!

I then wrapped jute / twine around the rough intersections of wire on the crown to 
1) soften the sharp edges
2) add a bit of earthy rope texture in to contrast with the white

I secured the jute / twine with hot glue.

Using the silver flash glitter spray, I misted the entire crown to give it some shimmer!

Have a great week!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Jumbo Cloths pin Note holder

                                             Jumbo Cloths Pin Note holder

Jumbo Clothespin
Gold glitter paper
Valentine’s Day dress-up buttons. (Your choice)
Montana Paint pens. RED
4/ ½ x 5 Pink Paper
Hot glue gun

Cover the both sides of the cloths pin with the glitter paper
Cut the loop in the back of the dress-up buttons off, so they will be easier to glue.
Glue the Dress-up buttons onto the cloths pin. In any arrangement you would like.
Take the Paper and angle it as a triangle. Write a note on it.
Put the not in the clip.

               Joy @ Hilo Ben franklin

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Spring Gardening Fun!

If you are an avid gardener or someone who loves to collect cute succulents, then
Ben Franklin is definitely THE place to be right now!
We just got in a bunch of cute little plants and succulents that are great for
 Spring décor and require no watering at all. (Haha!)  They are so fun to look at, that
with all the different varieties we have, the selection isn't always the easiest. 
At the Pearl City store, we've dedicated a small area to our
Spring Gardening collection!
The area gives a real Gardener's Shed and home with stacks of terracotta pots
and hanging macramé planters.  It really feels like there are live plants growing everywhere; out of drawers, pots and even on the doors (We tied some air plants onto them!).
All these little details adds to the magic of the space!
You will find crates and pots overflowing with colorful succulents
along with a few chic pieces of vintage décor like distressed wooden doors
and glass floaters.  Natural textures like wood, stone, terracotta and rope all
make a great backdrop for the plants, which are the real stars here. 
These little beauties can be put together to make a beautiful bouquet,
flower arrangement or an eye-catching wreath perfect for Spring and Summer.
Here, we matched succulents in soft green and blue hues to create a refreshing
focal point on a natural grapevine wreath.  For a little extra something,
a copper strand of twinkling firefly lights were wound around it.  
The copper wire gives it that "industrial chic" look.
Another special feature that was added was
the Faux Brick Wall.  The warm colored brick texture is what created a more rustic atmosphere. It was also very simple to create!  All you needed to do was blend the right colors and
use a brick sponge that you can find at any convenience store to stamp the pattern. 
First, we used painter's tape to create a clean border.  Then, we painted the
pillar black to act as a dark grout against the arm-colored bricks.
We mixed rich terracotta reds and deep browns with an antique off-white and mossy green.
On a piece of palette paper, which is a convenient disposable palette, we blended all the colors.
No measurements or ratios! Just mix up the colors, press your damp sponge into the paint and then stamp it onto the wall. It's always best start a row with the brick "breaking the margin" so to say.
If you look at the finished pillar, what makes it look realistic is that the bricks don't follow a perfect grid pattern.  Each row starts and ends with maybe half a brick or so.  It's like laying down real bricks!  After the bricks are dry, we rounded off the corners of the bricks using some black mixed with antique white. This helped add more depth and dimension to the bricks so that they actually looked like they were sort of jutting out of the wall!
 If you are ever able to stop by our stores, peruse the Spring section!
We hope that you will find inspiration and think of some great ideas
for decorating your home this season!
Erika @ PC

Monday, January 23, 2017

Resin Ocean Shore

Hey all!

I am really excited to show you this project! This was my first time experimenting with pour-able resin, and it was easier than I anticipated, yet also was an interesting experience to learn and create at the same time! Goes to show, you never know until you try it! Don't be afraid of experimenting with new mediums!

pre-varnished and stained wooden tray with an edge
alcohol inks in greens, blues, and turquoise 
assorted shells and a starfish
white sand with white glitter mixed in
raw small glass chunks (sold in store)

First, to dye your glass, pour amount desired into zip-lock bag and squeeze a few drops of alcohol ink inside. A little ink goes a long way. When exposed to air, alcohol ink will dry very quickly, so utilizing the bag will help you get more even coverage. Add more glass, or color for intensity, as desired. Allow pieces to fully dry on some disposable flat surface.

I used a variety of blues and greens, and encouraged less consistent coverage so that some glass pieces would be darker than others. You can even leave a few pieces clear for contrast against the colorful ones.

After the glass had dried (10 minutes tops) I placed them in my tray to get a sense as to how they would look, and where I should place them in the sand.


 The box of resin comes with two bottles, that should be mixed with a 1:1 ratio, and a little goes a long way. Once 2 parts have been thoroughly mixed, separate a portion and mix that with sand. Spread gooey sand mixture to cover entire bottom of tray. Sprinkle dry sand onto parts you wants to be taller. All sand and shells will sink to the bottom through this resin, so keep that in mind. I placed individually each piece of glass and shell into the resin and sand mixture. As it cures, about 30-40 minutes after initial resin mixing, you can sprinkle more sand on top in certain areas to make some parts look like "dry sand". As it will be starting to harden, anything added on will be more likely to flat on top rather than sink to the bottom. Anything that gets covered by this glossy resin will look "wet" and I wanted the tops of the shells, glass, and sprinkles of sand to look "dry". 

Allow your gorgeous slice of the ocean to sit in a flat protected area away from dust or disturbances for 24 hours. It is SO amazing to touch it when it's dry and see how "wet" it looks when it is completely dry!! This would make a great tray for candles, or as a centerpiece on a coffee table, or even and interesting piece of wall art that seems to defy gravity! 

This was so much fun to make, and now I want to cover everything in this magical gloss!!! 
Have fun and happy art-ing!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake


Saturday, January 21, 2017

Washi Paper Mason Jar

                                                              Aloha everyone! 
                                        Doing a series of Kerr Mason Jars Idea for Valentine's Day.

                                                            Washi Paper heart Jar

 Kerr Mason jar
Washi Paper (Your Choice)
Heart punch
Sea glass Spray paint Color: Strawberry
Double sided tape
Mod podge
Sponge Brush

 Sprat the jar with the seas glass spray paint. Make sure to spray the led too. Set to dry
  Using the heart punch, punch about 15 hearts. Take the inside part of the lid and Trace it on to the extra washi paper. Cut it out, double stick the circle onto the top of the lid.
When jar is dry put some mod podge in the jar.  Then start to arrange your hearts arounds the jar.
When you think you have enough heart around the jar. Mod podge over the whole jar. This way the hearts will stay on the jar.
          You can fill it with kisses

                 Joy@hilo ben Franklin

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Double-Stick Tape Paper Crafts!

Birthday party but no favors?  
Cute gift but no cute gift box?  
Gift card but no gift-card sized envelope?
*insert photo of am angry person here*
These are problems that everyone has and can relate to.

The solution?  Craft it!  Look at these great ideas!
To be honest, it's not that hard.  With the right tools and handy dandy Meriken Double stick tape,
you can make some cute and easy favors, envelopes and boxes that are perfect for any occasion! 
For example, we used the We-R-Memory Envelope Punch Board to make small envelopes perfect
for gift cards or money envelopes for New Years.  The We-R-Memory Gift Box Punch Board was also really useful for making cubic boxes of different sizes for those too-small-to-wrap presents.  They could also be used to make wedding, birthday, baby shower or graduation favors.

Use double stick tape to make a custom "glitter tape"!
Just stick it on, pour your glitter, and Voila!

Also, don't forget to check out our Accu-cut machines!  Each store carries different dies shapes, templates and letters.  This is one of our favor/treat bags punched out of a textured brown cardstock!
We then embossed a honu onto it using NUVO's embossing powder in Gold Enchantment and added a natural accent using green and ivory raffia!  So simple, yet pretty to look at. :)
Double-stick tape is out Item of the Month for
January, so stock up before they're all gone!
These are going like hotcakes!
For more idea using amazing double-stick tape, visit us at the Pearl City store
 to see all of our great samples and Daily Demos.
See you next week!
Erika @ PC

Cactus Pincushion

Happy Thursday everyone!

It's almost the weekend! Today's craft is a super easy and fun craft that you can use right after you're done making it! I love succulents, and would love to fill my entire house with them. I think this felt cactus pin cushion fits right in with the faux succulents I picked up from the flower department at Ben Franklin's. There are very few materials needed for this craft!

I used a piece of green felt, white embroidery floss, a 2 inch terra cotta pot, polyfil, and some pushpins!
The next step is cutting out your shapes for your cactus. I made a shape similar to a football, but thinner. My template is 2 inches wide and 5 inches long. If you follow this pattern, you'll want to trace this four times onto the felt. 
Cut those out and you can begin stitching. I used a basic blanket stitch with my white embroidery floss. Be sure to not sew all the way around when putting the first two together. Every time you stitch to the end of your shape, you'll be adding a new piece and continue your stitch over to the next two that are being sewn together. Stuff your polyfil in before you stitch it closed!

Once your cactus is stuffed and sewn closed, you're ready to stuff it down into your pot. If you would like, you can add a few drops of hot glue or super glue around the edge of the inside of the pot to keep hold of your project a little better. 

Add your pins and enjoy your adorable and very useful new pincushion! You can change up this look by changing the colors of the felt, the floss, and the pins.  I had fun making this quick little project, and I hope you guys do too!

Megan @ Mapunapuna

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Felt heart Kerr Jar

                                                            Felt heart Mason jar


Studio G Felt hearts
Red & White baker twine
Washi Paper 3x3
 Kerr Mason jar
 Design master tint Spray Paint Color: strawberry

Spray the Mason jar with the Design Master Tint Spray Paint. Also spray the lid. Set to dry

When dry tie the felt heart on with the bakers twine.

 Make a bow for the front.  See attached picture

You can fill the jar with candy, or put in a led light

                                                          Joy@ Hilo Ben Franklin

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pineapple Wood Burning

Hi there everyone! I've been in a wood burning mood lately, and thought what better subject than a delicious pineapple!

Wooden Plaque
Wood Burning Tool

Optional supplies:
A picture to go off of
A pencil to draw on your plaque

I found a black and white picture that I loved online and with my pencil drew it onto my wooden plaque. If your drawing skills aren't the best, then you can print out the picture you want to use. Make sure you have it fit to the size of your plaque. Cover the back of your print out with graphite from a pencil, and tape down your picture into place. Trace all of the black areas on your image, then peel away. 

Plug your tool in and let it heat up so that it will actually make marks in the wood. Follow your drawn guide lines. The longer you leave your wood burning tool down on the wood, the darker that area will get. Make sure to take your time and don't try to rush it! Have fun!!

Megan @ Mapunapuna

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Faux Sumi Cherry Blossoms

Hi Everyone!
I am back with something a little more on the "artsy" side this week.
(If that makes sense.haha)  No wood, no gluing, it's all paint. brushes and paper.
We will be having a class on how to paint beautiful cherry blossoms using the
sumi-brush technique.  But here's the catch:   No sumi ink OR Chinese watercolors are being used!
Hence, the "Faux-Sumi" in the title.  
What we are using instead are good ol' Daniel Smith watercolors!

The result is a softer and more colorful look.  The pigments of these watercolors 
mix and react in ways that add a lot of depth to the branches and flowers despite it being such
a simple technique.  Below are the hues that we will be using.  Amethyst Genuine, Quin. Burnt Orange and Pthalo Blue are a few of the colors that were used for the branches alone.

Why does it say medium wash and dark wash?
Like in Western watercolor art, there is still layering involved in 
Chinese Brush Painting, but not as heavy.  Usually, flat washes are made in different
values like Medium and Dark.  Medium washes would be used for the branch's basic
form and a dark wash would be used for the shadow and to create the illusion of mass
and volume on the flat paper.


An even darker wash can be used to create a small dots on the branch for added texture.

The flowers are really fun because there are gorgeous tones of red and pink to choose from!  
There is the cool-toned Quinacridone Rose and the warm-toned Piemontite Genuine for my 
cherry blossom palette, along with a tiny pit of New Gamboge for a red orange twist.
Not exactly traditional, but that's not exactly what we're going for in this class!
Five spots are made to form one cherry blossom, although two and one are used for smaller buds at the ends of branches.  Then, with the help of a .05 Micron pen, the stamen are drawn in after the paint is completely dry.


 If you would like to learn how to paint these lovely subjects and make your own set of 
cherry blossom postcards, sign up for the Watercolored Cherry Blossoms class at the Pearl City Ben Franklin Crafts!  Time is 2 - 4 pm on Saturday, January 28th.  It is only $35 and all supplies will be provided.   Hope to see you there!

Erika @ PC

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Come Be Apart of Our Family

We're looking for creative, passionate, hard working people who'd like to begin their career here at Ben Franklins Crafts - Market City Location! Our goal here is to craft and create with out customers and have them leaving happier then they've arrived. Providing outstanding shopping experience by prompting a courteous and friendly customer service.

We're here to help and welcome customers and ensure they have what they are looking for, all while up selling sale items and other relevant products to assist them with their projects. By determining customers’ needs, we offer the best service, product and/or suggestions. And personally accompanies them till our services have met their needs to our fullest potential. We, of course, want our customers to continue coming back. In so we're looking for new personnel who will cultivate good will and encourages repeat business with our customers.

We encourage our employees to continually educates themselves about products and retains specific knowledge about our current merchandise. Other requirements include unloading freight, stocking and pricing merchandise.

It helps if you have a passion for craftin' too! Please, come join our Ohana!

Monday, January 2, 2017

Cheers 2017 Centerpiece

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!! I've never been so excited to have a fresh start and new beginning. To really give your party and home some pop, Ben Franklin carries these glass Ivy Bowls and they are fantastic vases for themed centerpieces because they are inexpensive and easy to work with.

This project is too cute and so easy to do!

Ivy Bowls/vases
DecoColor oil based medium sized metallic gold marker
Uber Matte spray in the color Ink

I absolutely love combining matte black anything with gold gloss anything so this Cheers vase was incredibly satisfying to make! First thing you do is spray the outside of your vase in even coats of Uber Matte Ink.

Allow to dry for 30+ minutes so ensure that it doesn't scrape as you write on it with your gold marker.

Definitely fill your bowl with bright gold picks and sprigs! Check out the Christmas sale section of Christmas decor in your nearest local Ben Franklin for some awesome finds!

Have a great week!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake