Saturday, October 6, 2018

Masquerade Wreath

                          Masquerade Wreath

16” Styrofoam wreath
Masquerade Mask
Ghost berry 11” pick
Halloween Hair Accessory
Ribbon Christmas 1.5”x 10 yds asst.  Black and Silver Glitter
Greening pins
Hot glue pins

Wrap the wreath with the black glitter ribbon glue the end down.
On one side make a bow with the silver glitter ribbon. Swirl the ribbon down the wreath, pin it different places.

how to make a ribbon rose- you will need 36” of ribbon for each rose.
Leave a tail, then fold in the corner, then roll 3 times. As shown in pictures
 Then you twist and roll. Repeat until you have a full rose. You will need 5 roses.

Pin on the mask to the top of the wreath.
Under the bow, put the pick on the wreath add the rose on the top and the bottom.
At the end of the ribbon is where you will put the other 3 roses in a bunch.


                                                                        Hilo Ben Franklin