Monday, May 30, 2016

Felt Succulents in Painted Pots

Hey everyone! Today's project is just too adorable, and involves not only making your own succulent plant, but decorating the pot it sits in!

1 sheet of olive green felt (1 per plant)
Hot glue gun/sticks
pen or pencil for tracing
1 piece of thick cardstock or thin chipboard (as tracing template)
terra cotta pots 3in - 4in diameter
assorted colors of Americana acrylic paint 
assorted paintbrush, but 1/2 in wide is easiest
cup of water and paper towel
terra cotta pot spray clear sealer by Design Master

Optional Accents:
BoBunny Perler Pen (white or black)
black cardstock cut into circle or oval
extra fine tip white paint pen (for black cardstock)
assorted colors of paint pens by Montana Marker or DecoColor
washi tape

First step is to paint the pots. You can either paint the whole pot one color or paint stripes on the sides. I painted most of the inside of the pot as well. After you're done clean in the brush in your cup of water and dry with your paper towel.
 Set the pots aside to dry for 30 mins, and start with your felt templates.
There are two different templates I made: one in the shape of a circular sun with a second smaller center layer, and the other like a squiggly line.
I found the squiggly line template on Pinterest under : Felt Rose Pattern

Then if you're doing this with a group of friends or kids, trace this shape on to your thick card stock paper or thin chipboard, and cut out your own templates! 

Trace these on to your felt sheets. Each large shape should be traced 3 times for succulent fullness, and the smaller shape traced maybe once or twice. Then hot glue the ends together! The squiggly line will come together on the underside of each point. Each arch will touch at the bottom like a fortune cookie. For the pointed circular template, glue it in a spiral on itself either flattened in the middle or rolled. And the little ones go in the middle.


Now back to the painted pot, you can go wild in decorating! In my black and white sample, I used a white extra fine tip Montana Marker and just drew straight on to the side.  

So cute! For the other smaller pots, I drew on the sides with other assorted paint pens (regular markers won't be opaque enough) and my friend and coworker Brandon, drew out the "Dream" portion on a black card stock oval with a white fine tip paint pen. I then just hot glued it to the side of the pot. For the black dots I used the BoBunny Perler Pen to get those perfect pearl shapes. Those take about an hour of dry time.

So fancy! When you're all done don't forget to spray it down with your sealer to protect it!

These are great for pretty much everywhere!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake

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