Saturday, August 11, 2018



Piece of Glass 8x8
Mat board 8x8
River rocks- you will need about 8 flat (Big to little)
Hot Glue and Glue sticks
10” inches Packing Tape
6x6 piece of blue paper
Orange paint
Paint brush
Tooth pick

Hot glue the edges of the piece of glass. So it won’t be sharp
Paint one orange fish on the glass
Make oval shape with the hot glue and fill it in.
Glue rocks (Regular shape) around the oval leaving a space for the flat rock.
Glue the biggest flat rock down in the open space. Then glue the rest of the flat rocks on. Use a little E6000 with the hot glue to bond the rocks together. You decide how high you want the waterfall to be .Before you put the last rock on. Put the Packing tape on the rock and then attach the bottom of water at angle. Put the last rock on top of the tape.
Use the Hot Glue gun and pour down the tape. Keep putting glue until you get the desired amount.  While the bottom is still hot, take a tooth pick and poke into the glue while it is drying.
Glue Moss in between the rocks and around the rocks.

Joy@ Hilo Ben Franklin

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