Thursday, July 14, 2011

Feather Hair Extensions

Check out Jaime's hair extensions! Now, you can achieve this latest trendy look! Create excitement and add color to your hair! FEATHER HAIR EXTENSIONS are now available! The feathers can be added to long or short hair, they can be washed, curled and straighened and the extension last up to 6-8 weeks! Want to try but need some help?! Join us at the Pearl City store on Saturday, July 23rd from 10am-12noon... stop in, take a look, choose your colors and we will help you to crimp those feathers to add to your hairstyle!

Crafting Diva!
Gloria @ Pearl City


  1. I'm glad that I have full thick hair and don't need extensions.
    Sometimes having lots of super thick hair is a pain in the butt,
    but I just can't ever imagine paying so much for some hair extensions.

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