Saturday, June 18, 2016

Painted Vase

                                Decorated Vase

-  Rect. vase 6.75x3x6.75
  SPC Glass Nuggets
  Deco Markers Color Yellow-pink-green
  Alcohol ink  
  Masking tape
  Design master varnish UV spray

   Take the glass nuggets put them in a plastic bag. Add a few drops of the alcohol into the bag and shake. If you would like a deeper color and more of the alcohol ink and shake again. Place the nugget’s on a piece of paper to dry overnight.
With the masking tape. Place the stencil on the glass. Start to paint with the deco markers. Do not press too hard on the pen, it will release to much paint and seep through the lines of the stencil. If you think it needs a second coat. Let dry completely before you do a second coat.
Set on the side to dry. Take the stencil of very carefully. Then take it outside and spray a light coat of the Design master varnish over the paint.
When both items are dry. Take the glass and put the nuggets inside.
     It is a real project. You can use any glass and stencil.  Have some fun with it.

                               @HILOBEN FRANKLIN

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