Monday, December 8, 2014

How to create your own faux whipped cream/icing with air dry clay for crafting

Hearty clay (any color)
Aleena's tacky glue
Ziploc bag
Piping tip (any, mark for crafts only)

Step one: Grab your hearty clay, glue and ziploc bag.  Add hearty clay into the ziploc bag. Slowly add some glue into the bag (amount varies by you).

Step two:  Mix and Squeeze ziploc bag until you have a desired consistency (almost like marshmellow fluff).

Step three: Squeeze mixture to the bottom of the bag.  Cut a small triangle at the ziploc tip with scissors. Tape piping tip where you sliced the hole and you're ready to decorate boxes, mirrors, and much more. Great idea for a handmade gift.

Happy Crafting!
-Julie @ Enchanted Lakes

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