Monday, December 15, 2014

How to make your own Christmas Cookie Ornaments with Polymer Clay

Christmas themed cookie cutter (label cutters for crafts only)
Sculpey III or Fimo Beige
Eye Screw (Optional)
Sizzle Nylon Thread (any color)
Translucent Liquid Sculpey (TLS)
Chalk Pastels (any color)
Chalk Pastel - Orange, Tan, Brown (for shading)
Paint Brush (soft)
Scratch Paper
Needle tool
Toothbrush (label for crafts only)
Roller (label for crafts only)

Step one: Condition your beige polymer clay with your fingers until soft.  Roll out clay with roller until you reach your desired thickness.  Cut out your design with your Christmas cookie cutter. (Please make sure you don't use these cookie cutters with food.)

Step two: Texture clay with toothbrush. (Please make sure you don't use toothbrush for teeth.) Just press onto clay with toothbrush.
Scrape orange, tan and brown chalk pastels on scratch piece of paper.

Take your paint brush and brush chalk pastel mixture onto clay to give it a cookie look.
Take your needle tool and poke a hole on the top (where you would want to add your thread) or add an eye screw.

Step three: Scrape chalk pastel (color of your choice for icing on the cookie) onto scratch paper. Squeeze TLS onto chalk pastel shavings and mix thoroughly with needle tool.
Pick icing up with your needle tool and spread across your clay until satisfied (make sure you don't cover the hole you made). 
Bake clay according to manufacturing on packaging (please have adult supervision if you are underage to use an oven or toaster oven) Once cooled add your thread to the top and your done!

Have a Craftastic Day!
Julie @ Enchanted Lakes

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