Saturday, October 1, 2016

Crepe Paper Pumpkin Goodie Bags

Need something to pass out this Halloween, but placing them in those treat bags not enough?
Here's something easy and simple to do, and that's just too darn cute. The kids are going to love it!
Making it and/or receiving it this Halloween.

Here's what you'll need!
  • 9.75" x 9.75" Orange Crepe Paper Folds (not streamers)
  • 3" long Green Decorative Tape (duck tape worked wonders!)
  • Black Vinyl Sticker Sheet (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Candy
You can pick up all your supplies at your nearest friendly Ben Franklin Crafts Store!

Open up your Crepe Paper Folds and unroll it twice.
Cut that fold into halves, and you got your 9.75"x 9.75" square.
This should create a 3"x 3" pumpkin.
Tug on the sides to stretch out your crepe paper just a smidge.
Don't tug in the direction of the grains, it wont stretch that way and end up ripping.
Place a handful of those cadies in the middle!
Take all four corners and sides, bunch them up at the top.
Make sure your candies are secured.
Caution with the crepe paper, it is delicate. Pull too hard and the candies will pop out!
Twist the excess crepe at the top nice and tight.
With your 3 - 4" Green Duck Tape, secure the top and wrap it around to make the stump.
To give your pumpkin a happy face...
With the Black Vinyl Sticker paper, cut out two triangles and a oval.
Cut the oval in half and cut out little squares for the teeth.
Place your stickers on your pumpkin and have fun this Halloween!

Thanks for crafting with the Krazy Goo!

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