Saturday, May 20, 2017

Shell Frame

                  Shell Frame

Starfish napkins
Blue twine
Distressed ink
Cream o coat White paint
Sponge brush
 Hot glue gun and Glue sticks

 The napkins are 3 ply, take 2 layers off. It will leave you with the printed layer.
Cut to fit the back piece of the frame. On the inside of the frame, you will mod podge it, set aside to dry.
When dry use the dabbing technique to cover it with the mod podge to seal the napkin to the frame. Let it completely dry and repeat again.
·        Take the frame, to give it a distressed look. Rub the distressed ink all on the frame (do not cover the whole frame). You want to make it look like it is white washed. To white wash, you put a small amount of white paint on the sponge brush, have a piece of paper handy and brush it onto the paper before you brush on the frame. This way you do not have too much paint on it.
·        When dry insert the back of the frame and close the back.
·        Take your shells and hot glue them on to the corner of the frame.
·        Take the blue twine on make a bow to glue with the shells

           Hilo Ben franklin

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