Monday, May 22, 2017

Stenciled Succulent Love

Hey all!
Happy Monday! 
I am so in love with succulents, tiny plants, and little garden scenes and wanted to share with you how you can turn your love for succulents into a cute home decor wall hanging!

succulent stencil
foam on a stick
acrylic/fabric paints in lavender, azure, mint, leaf green, lime
embroidery hoop
white leaf patterned fabric 
pinking shears or sharp scissors
hot glue

First thing's first: Take your fabric and tightly secure it into your embroidery hoop. Pull taught on all sides, and trim excess fabric with either your pinking shears or sharp scissors leaving a 1-2 inch border around the hoop.

Using your foam on a stick, dip lightly into your acrylic/fabric paint colors. Use a DABBING motion, not a brushing motion. If there is too much paint in the foam it may get blobby so test your technique on a scratch piece of fabric or paper! Hold your stencil very still, and dip your foamy stick into the other colors on your palette without cleaning your foamie in between dips. This technique will create a really smooth blended look. 

I focused on more blue in the center, and lavender on the outer tips of the leaves.

Then cut strips of jute/twine and hot glue them into words like 
and of course Succa!  aka succulent! 


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Love, Bethany @Enchanted Lake

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