Monday, July 17, 2017

I Like Big Cups & I Cannot Lie

Happy Maker's Monday! I was so inspired by this funny quote that I had to find a way to turn it into a wall sign. You can find your own favorite funny or inspirational quote and using just a few simple materials, can make your own very fancy sign! This simple idea can be used on SO many wooden surfaces, including boxes, and frames!

Printed cardstock paper
matte Mod Podge
nylon paint brush
scissors/paper trimmer
white paint pen (either DecoColor or Montana)
wood pallet or board

First, pick a pretty paper to be the background for your quote! You will want to avoid choosing a paper that has too much contrast, so if it has a pattern, then it has to not have white or black in it. If you choose a dark paper, your text will really jump off the page, but the pattern might be harder to spot. 

Trim your paper down to size to fit neatly on the surface of your wood sign. 
Using your brush, generously coat the top of the wood, then lay down your paper. Seal the paper with a layer of matte Mod Podge over the paper surface.

Once it has dried, sketch out your quote lightly with your pencil.
Then use your white Montana marker, or white acrylic DecoColor marker to fill in your quote! I chose the 'I like big cups and I can not lie" as a silly statement to how much I love tea and coffee. Have fun with your quote! Even pair it with some mixed media and glue down some accessories. You can use beads, flowers, starfish, shells, washi tape, glitter, rhinestones, origami, moss, ribbon and so much more!

Happy crafting!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake 

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  1. Love the saying and what you did with it. Awesome project!