Monday, July 10, 2017

I Love Kailua !

Happy Magic Monday!
It has really been a very hot past few weeks. Beach weather is in full effect! I wanted to make a sign that was simple and fun and a great accent in my home.

wood panel with noticeable wood grain
'walnut' wood stain
nylon paint brush
E6000 glue
acrylic paints in white, Lime Sorbet, Turquoise, and Caribbean Blue 

This sign is so fun and so easy to make! 
First use you stain and coat the entire surface. For all of the inner corners, use your paint brush instead of the dauber on the bottle.

 Wait for your wood panel to dry for 30 mins. The more stain you apply, the longer it will need to dry. If it is damp while painting, the color may mix with your acrylics.

Then with a pencil sketch of an inspirational word, or the name of your home town.
I used Turquoise first, then blended it into my Lime Sorbet, and lastly the Caribbean Blue. Acrylic is amazing because you can apply endless coats, so if at first your ombre blend isn't on point, keep trying! Just be careful to not paint too big. Saturating your brush with paint will make the strokes bolder and smoother. I painted a white heart on the side of Kailua.

Then using E6000, glue down your starfish! I also put some E6000 in the middle of the heart and then pressed white sand into it in order to give my sign some pop of texture!
Have fun with your signs!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake 


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