Saturday, July 28, 2018

Mermaid Wreath

                    Mermaid Wreath

Material List:
Wreath Vine starburst 17” 30189671
Mermaid Laying
River rocks 3-6m Tiger strip
Stem-Hydrangea Purple
Succulents Bush 8.5” asst. Green and red
Designer shell bag
Conch Shell
Fish Netting Ivory
Lavender Fern
Succulent Zest Grass 7.75”
Wood Oval Disc.
Tiny It Spray Color Jade
Creamacoat Aqua Cool Pearl
Whit Deco Marker
 Hot glue gun

Spray the Wreath with the tint it spray
Paint the Wood Disc with the Aqua cool pearl
Glue the 2 rocks together with the hot glue and e600. The glue the the Mermaid to it. 
On the right side of the wreath glue on the shells the glue on some netting.

Around the shells glue on the Succulents bush (the red and green ones)
The  purple lavender bush use the long sticks and glue them in and around the shells
 Write on both of you wood disc. Then glue on the wreath. Then you can glue in where it need it the Hydrangea flowers.

On the left side on the top glue on the other wood disc.
On the bottom a big shell with green and red succulents around it and hydrangea too.
 On top of the Glue on the Mermaid...


  Hilo Ben Franklin

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