Saturday, July 7, 2018

Button Wreath

                      Button Wreath

14” Straw Wreath
7/8” satin Orange Ribbon
5/8” Sheer Satin Edge Yellow Ribbon
Orange Daisy Flower
6” of silver wire
A Mixture of Buttons
Hot Glue Gun

Wrap the straw wreath with the orange ribbon. Hot glue the end to bond it.
Using the Bow-a-rama,    you will be making 2 bows with the Yellow sheer ribbon

Lay the wire down as shown in the picture. Put the ribbon in the opposite way and start to layer it back and forth. 

When you do it at least 6 times on each side. Pull the wire up and wrap around the middle of the bow. As shown in the pictures.

Poke a hole in the wreath with a pair of scissors. Put some hot glue in the hole and insert the Daisy.
Hot glue a bow on each side of the flower.  Fluff and arrange
  Then have arrange all of your different button on the wreath.

             This wreath would be cute in any little girl’s room.

      Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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