Saturday, September 29, 2018

boo wreath

                                Boo Wreath

Orange deco Mesh 21”x 10 yd   30195378
Kit- Ghost wall Décor 22” 30194192
Pick- Ghost berry 13.5” 30195615
Pick- Ghost Berry 11” X 3 pieces    30193670
Pick- Glitter curly purple/black    30164199
Bush- Black      with purple glitter    
Pick- Grape leaf berry mix    30195616
Wire working wreath 15”
Purple tulle

Take the Orange Deco Mesh and Twist together and wire together on to the wreath. Repeat until the wreath is full.
Put the ghost in the middle of the wreath and tie into place.
Make 5 pieces of 4 loop bow with the purple tulle. Then glue in the flowers and the ghost in them.
Glue them into the wreath. Arrange them where you like.
Do the same with the rest of the picks
Put the curly cue in near the ghost.

   Hilo Ben Franklin

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