Friday, March 4, 2011

Don't know what to do with all of your keiki's artwork?

One of my daughter's favorite activities is drawing & coloring... so of course I have tons of artwork all over my house that are just filling up the refrigerator door & every wall space available. Finally I decided that I need to figure out different ways to display them.
Here's some of the ideas that I came up with...

I scanned the drawing into the computer & printed out in different sizes.
  • The key chain was simple to make, just cut the image & pop it into the key chain.
  • The post-it note holder is a bent acrylic frame with the image inserted & the post-it note adhered to the top.
  • The magazine holder is an unfinished wood item that I painted & decoupaged the image to the front.

Now I can free up some of my wall space, but still be able to proudly display my daughter's artwork...

A hui hou....Trina

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