Saturday, February 18, 2017

Glitter Ivy Bowl

                                          Glitter Ivy bowl

  Ivy Bowl
 Darcie Glitter Silver and Raspberry
 Glitter it
 Flowers of choice
 Deco makers Color: red

 Take about off the container of each colored glitter and mix them together.
  Pour the glitter- it into the ivy bowl, make sure to cover the whole inside of the jar. By moving the glue around the bowl.
 Pour out excess glitter it.
Then pour in your glitter and make sure to cover the whole inside. Using the same technique as with the glitter-it.
Set to dry.
Then write on the front “be mine”
Set the flowers in the bowl.

                                                             Joy@hilo ben franklin

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Grad Season is sneaking up on us quickly!!!
This Thursday's craft is a fun and rustic way to display all of the hard earned collegiate/high school earned garb. Supplies needed are the decorative hanging wooden plaque, the various things you'd like displayed, and small pegs. I used hot glue for mine, but I don't recommend hot gluing yours unless you want it there permanently.
After decorating my grad cap with glittery letters and hot gluing cherry blossom heads found in the floral department at Ben Franklin Crafts, I placed the collegiate sash on my plaque. Once you have that in place, it's time to put any tassels that went around the graduate's neck at graduation down. You may have to coil some of that up inside of the cap. For length, as well as to not disrupt the design on the grad cap I hung the tassel from the cap directly underneath the cap, and displayed the cap at the same angle that the cap would have been viewed while the graduate was wearing it. This is a fun way to show off for the graduate, and can be displayed at Graduation Parties, as well as inside the house for years to come. This is something to be proud of, so make sure to show off!!
There are so many different ways that you can display your favorite graduates mementos!! Happy Crafting everyone! 
Megan~ Mapunapuna

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Love Note board

                                               Love  note board

Creamacoat Paint Fuchsia – white- red- and pink
Paper Mache Letter   LOVE        
Valentine’s Paper - two sided
Lever Heart Punch 5/8”
Decou- page
Design Master TINT – Strawberry
RTD Plaque rectangle edge 18x5
Montana Paint Pen WHITE
Hot glue gun

Paint the letter first, you may want to do a second coat
L- White        O- Fuchsia       V- Pink          E – Red
After they are dry
L- It is painted white. Take the sponge and dab a small amount of the fuchsia paint on it. Then dab it on to the letter. Not covering the whole thing.
O- Is painted Fuchsia Use the Lever Heart punch and cut out 9 hearts out of the Valentines paper. Cover the front of it with Decou- Page, arrange the hearts around the O. do a second coat of Decou- Page onto the front of the O.
V- Is painted Pink. I left it just painted
E- Take the letter and place it on the Valentines paper. Terrace the letter onto it. Then cut it out.  

Cover the E with Decou- Page, place the paper onto the E.
Take you Plaque and lightly spray it with the design master Tint Strawberry.

Then with the Montana paint pen White Paint the ledge of the plaque with it.
When all dry-
Glue the Letter to the plaque with the out glue gun.

  You can put push pins in the bottom ledge, so you can leave little notes to you Love. ..

                   Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Happy Thursday to all!! Spring and love are still in the air, and I am starting to feel it! I've been inspired by paintings that I've seen at big name stores. They sit there, staring at me looking stunning but a bit too much of a strain on the pocket book. I saw a painting of some birch trees, and just knew that I needed to try and recreate it. You first have to start with a base color painting, and that can be whatever color you choose! The painting that I saw had a lovely pale teal hue to it, but I decided to go with a light pink. I gave it two coats of pink acrylic paint and then let that dry. I came back in with a nice white paint, going up and down varying my thicknesses. Make sure that you can't see your previous color through it, and let it dry. Once your white is dry, go along the edges with a thick amount of black paint. I then took a different brush and has very dry bristles. Do quick swipes, beginning right at the edge with the black paint on it. Make sure to use this swipe to give the dimensional look to your trees. A slight curve will make it look like it's popping out and perfect. I found a beautiful gold paint by Martha Stewart that I used to give a few random streaks of gold throughout the tree trunks, and have a fun and slightly carved look to the trees by painting initials in a heart and a date. It's such a fun way to metaphorically carve your initials without hurting a single tree!!
Required supplies,
Paint, white, black, gold, and background color,
Three paint brushes, one thick and one smaller for the black paint, and one separate one for the gold paint.
I had a lot of fun doing this project and it really was a lot quicker than it looks!! Have a great time!!
Megan @ Mapunapuna

Monday, February 6, 2017

I Heart Floral Wreaths

Hey Everyone! 

I wanted to do something cute for Valentine's Day that was a bit different from the pink, red, and white vibe this year and was inspired by more purples, berry colors, and champagne shimmers in making this fun heart wreath!

Heart shaped straw wreath
2 bunches of artificial flowers
hot glue gun / glue sticks
wire cutters
2-3 inch wide wire ribbon

First, wrap ribbon all the way around your wreath, with slight overlapping. Hot glue first piece, and last piece. Wrap very tightly.

Once ribbon is secured, using wire cutters, cut flowers off leaving some stem length. Remove all greenery from bouquet and set aside for later.

Curl bottom of wire stem to desired flower height and hot glue flat curled wire to the wreath. Continue per flower until desired. To maintain heart shape, angle flower head downwards at the inner and outer points of the heart, to dramatically enhance its shape. 

Use leftover leaves and greenery to fill around the inner and outer heart shape, to hide all that wire, and fill all those holes!



So lovely!! I am really digging these pinks and berry purples!
Have a great week!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake

Saturday, February 4, 2017

XO Kerr Mason Jar

                                                      Mason jar XO

Tint Spray Paint Color: Strawberry
Mason jar
Paint Brush
Americano Cotton ball paint
Washi paper, or any paper you want for the lid

 Spray paint your mason jar with the spray paint Color: strawberry, also spray the lid too.
When it is dry, take your white paint and write XO all over it, set to the side to dry
Tape the paper to the lid and cut around it. 
Fill with kisses...  
Assembly the jar together…

                 I sure hope you have enjoyed some my ideas for our Kerr Mason Jar.

                                          Joy @ Hilo Ben franklin

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Thursday!!

I hope your week has been going well. If you're like me, you're preparing for Valentine's Day decorations already. I get so excited about the holiday and all the cuteness surrounding it, so I start a bit early. Today I made a little felt heart cookie, and I just think it looks divine.

My materials were very simple, and the colors that I chose can be switched to all types of colors to give your projects a different and unique look. I started with one piece of light brown felt, and one light pink piece of felt. I found embroidery thread that was close to these colors, a little bit of Polyfil, and some pretty sprinkle looking beads. Don't forget to grab a needle! There are many sizes of needles out there, for this project you will either want two different needles, one that has a large enough eye for embroidery thread, and one that is thin enough to go through whatever bead you pick. I was lucky enough to find a needle that fits both of those requirements.

I folded my pink piece in half so I could make myself a heart shape that wasn't crooked and was even on both sides. After cutting out a heart that I liked the look of, I took that heart and traced it onto my brown felt, leaving about 1/4" around all of the edges extra. Cut that piece out, and trace it one more time onto your spare brown felt, keeping it the same size as the other brown felt. Once you have everything cut out, your next step is to start sewing the bling or sprinkles onto the pink frosting layer. Try to space them out evenly so it looks more realistic. After you finish sewing on your beads, you can stitch your pink frosting onto your top cookie layer. I used the pink embroidery thread with a whip stitch , with the idea that letting it be seen gives it more of a rustic and cute look. Before sewing the frosting down all the way, I put a smidgen amount of Polyfil underneath the frosting, just to give it a little bit of dimension. You can now begin a basic blanket stitch with the brown embroidery thread. I recommend starting at the very bottom of one side of the heart, because you won't have to hide your knot when you finish your stitch at the end.
This is what the back of a completed cookie heart looks like. Make sure that you put in your fluffy stuff before you complete your stitches!!

A simple blanket stitch begins with the needle piercing through both pieces of the felt. Before I bring the needle all the way through, I wrap the string that is about to be pulled through the felt around the tip of the needle. After doing this, pull the needle and the remaining string all the way through. Repeat. This will effectively give you a beautiful blanket stitch so long as you continue doing this all the way through and give your stitches a decent amount of space.

For added fun, you can always add a ribbon in the top to make it a cookie that can be hung. You can change the shape of this from a heart to a flower, a gingerbread man, and all types of other shapes. Have fun with this!

Megan @ Mapunapuna