Saturday, September 15, 2018

Fall Board

                                   Fall Board

Wood Board
Kyrlon Shimmer Metallic Black Cherry

Kyrlon Shimmer Metallic Candy corn
Kyrlon Shimmer Metallic Green
 Fall Pick
Wood 4-inch letter Fall
Creamcoat Yellow and Georgia Clay

Spray Paint the board.
 I just took each color and sprayed here and there until I got the colored I desired.

Paint the wood Letter with rust color fist and the mix the rust and yellow together. paint the mixture and the bottom of the letter just to add some lightness to it.
Take the pick and glue to the bottom of the board


                            Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Fall wreath

                             Fall Wreath

14” Straw wreath
1 roll of bling disco red 2” ribbon
2-each   Spray 3 maple leaves asst. colors
2 picks 30196573 Sunflower orange yellow 12 inch
Greening pins
Hot glue gun

Wrap the wreath with the Bling disco ribbon, glue it and the end
Make a bow for the top, Glue it on.
Take your picks and glue one on each side of the bow.
Take some of the ribbon and make a swirl down the wreath on one side.
On the other side make a small bow and add some leaves here and there.

                Have a happy beginning of fall

                           Hilo Ben Franklin

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Daisy Snow Globe

                                  Daisy Snow Globe

 Glass Jar

Hot glue gun
Glitter Yellow stars
Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant
Rhinestone ribbon

Add ¾ of water into the jar and the rest Glycerin, then Shake together
Slowly add the fine glitter to the mixture. Do not add to much.  Also add the Yellow stars too. Put the lid on and shake together.
Make sure to dry the lid good.

Take the bling rhinestone ribbon and glue it to the outside of the rim of the lid.
In the middle of the inside of the lid, start to build a mountain of glue to put you flower on.  Build it slowly. put a little at a time, let it dry and add more. When you have it to a since height add more them put the flower on it. Then let it dry.

Take a popsicle stick an put some silicone on it. put it on the inside, on the sides you will screw the lid on.

Screw on the lid and let it sit and bond.
Turn over and you are done.

       Joy and Friend @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Shell Fountain

                Shell Fountain

Oval Wood Disc.
Crushed shells
5 different sizes of shells

Green moss
Blue Glitter
Small Flower
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks
E600       Masking Tape

State by gluing the largest shell to the next smaller size. Use E6000 and hot glue to glue them to together. Repeat with all the other 4 shells.

Glue the bottom of the largest shell onto the wood disc.
In the front of the shell, glue on the crushed shells to form a walk way.
Start to glue the moss around the wood disc. Where the crushed shell is not.
Take the lavender fern and glue it the side of the shell to look like a tree.
Glue one of the flowers to the front of the first shell
Put a small piece of masking tape on the bottom of the inside of the top shell and pull it down to the next shell, repeat all the way down.
Get the glitter ready by opening it, start putting hot glue in the top shell and sprinkle the glitter into it while you are pouring the glue in. repeat all the way down all the shells. Fill in the shell as you go.

                                               Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Sunflower Plaque

                     Sunflower Plaque

Material List:
Wood Disc
Drawing Pencil
Wood Burner
Watercolor Ground transparent
1 Flat Brush
Daniel Smith Watercolors Green, Yellow, Orange and red
1 Round #10 Brush
Sticklets Green and Yellow
Clear Acrylic Spray

Draw a picture on the plaque. If you do not know how to draw. Use transfer paper.
Go over your drawing with the wood burner
Brush on the transparent ground over the whole plaque and set to the side to dry.
When dry paint your flower. I paint it with the yellow and highlighted with the orange and red.

I painted the leaves green. Let dry
Torch the edges going towards the middle.
Using the Sticklet’s and some glitter to the highlighted areas of the flower and let dry.
When dry spray on the Acrylic clear spray and let dry.

           Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, August 11, 2018



Piece of Glass 8x8
Mat board 8x8
River rocks- you will need about 8 flat (Big to little)
Hot Glue and Glue sticks
10” inches Packing Tape
6x6 piece of blue paper
Orange paint
Paint brush
Tooth pick

Hot glue the edges of the piece of glass. So it won’t be sharp
Paint one orange fish on the glass
Make oval shape with the hot glue and fill it in.
Glue rocks (Regular shape) around the oval leaving a space for the flat rock.
Glue the biggest flat rock down in the open space. Then glue the rest of the flat rocks on. Use a little E6000 with the hot glue to bond the rocks together. You decide how high you want the waterfall to be .Before you put the last rock on. Put the Packing tape on the rock and then attach the bottom of water at angle. Put the last rock on top of the tape.
Use the Hot Glue gun and pour down the tape. Keep putting glue until you get the desired amount.  While the bottom is still hot, take a tooth pick and poke into the glue while it is drying.
Glue Moss in between the rocks and around the rocks.

Joy@ Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, August 4, 2018

Shell Art PLanner

                     Shell Art Planter

Wall Art Bark Planter 30182327
Shell   Crush Shell Nat Mop Large 30191699
Shell Turris 30173016
Small World Mix 30058888
Decorative Scrap Net
Hot Glue
Boug-Lavender/Fern 30195424
1 Pearl from Bead Soup

Hang and glue net to the back of the planter
On the bottom of the planter glue the crushed shells all over it.
Then take a small piece of net and glue over the crushed shells.


Using a crushed shell as your base, the take the turris shells (use the bigger ones for the outside). Glue 7 to the base. The using a smaller size one, Glue one in between each of the 7. The last one glue in the middle...
Make a big one and a smaller one.
Repeat the same with purple clams
Take 2 white clam shells and glue them together, leave opening. Put the pearl in the opening and glue down.
Glue the Smaller Turris flower at the top of the planter, the bigger one in the middle at the side.
Hot glue the Lavender fern inside of the planter.
Glue the Starfish behind the Lavender fern but so you can see it, the clam flower at the top of the opening of the planter next to the fern.

      It was fun to make    Enjoy

Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin