Saturday, June 9, 2018

Father's day Card

            Father’s Day Card

                                                      It is a oldie but a goody.                                            

Material list
Poster board or card stock
Printed card stock 8x11
White card stock 2x3
Blue card stock 2x3
2 buttons
Double sided tape
Glue dots

-        Card size is 7” width and 10 1/2 “length Use the poster board or the cardstock.
-        At the top of the card score it at 1 ½” across, the cut 2 ½” slit’s on both sides of the front of the card. In the back to the card cut off the 1 1/2 “strip off.
-        Take the 2 ½” slits and fold them towards the front of the card at an angle. To make the collar of the shirt.
-        Use the glue dots to put the button on the bottom corner of the collar ( as shown)
-        To make the name tag. Take the blue cardstock and cut it to the desire shape and size you would like. Put the double stick tape on the back and tape it the front of the card.
-        Do the same with the white cardstock, but make the white piece a little smaller than the blue cardstock. Tape the white tag to the blue one.
-        Then write what you would like it to say. 
-        Take your printed card stock, using the Die cut machine in any ben franklin’s. I used the die cut X50 (that is the number of the die cut for Hilo Ben franklin). This die cut is for making the tie. After you cut it out, fold it in half to make it more 3D tie.
-        Tape the Tie under the collar,
-        Then you can write a beautiful poem or a sentimental saying.

 Happy Father's day to all you dads out there  from Hilo Ben franklin.

                                      Joy@Hilo Ben Franklin

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Spring Wreath


              Spring is here. What better way to show off how happy you are that it is spring by making a                beautiful wreath for you door.

 12 Inch Straw Wreath

 2- Skein’s of Nani Apple Green
Bush Mini Daisy 8 inch Yellow
Stain Face 7/8 inch Color: Apple Green
Hot Glue Gun

  Leave the plastic on the Straw Wreath.
   Wrap the Satin Ribbon around the straw wreath. You can put a few drops of hot glue in different      places to set the ribbon in place.

Then wrap the Eyelash yarn around the wreath. Make it as full as you can. I put the Ribbon underneath so if not all areas are total covered it would not show.

                                 Hot Glue the Flowers onto the wreath.

                                   Please have fun with it.

JoyT @ Hilo Ben Franklin


Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bunny Board

                 Bunny Board

    a oldie but goody

 Unfinished Wood Wall Plaque with Hanger
Cut out bunny shape
White Creamcoat Paint
1/25 Stroke Paint Brush
1 Burlap Flower Color of choice
1 Tulle – color of choice
Need Sheer ribbon in 3/8 Inch and 5/8 (color of choice
Large 3” Pompom maker
Hot glue gun

Lay the board flat, and trace the bunny image onto it.  When done you can tracing you can paint the inside of the bunny with the White paint. Set aside to dry.

While it is drying you can take your ribbon and make a bow. You should have 2 different sizes and color. Tie it to the top of the board next to the rope.

Take the pompom maker, using the tulle start to make the pompom. Following the instructions that come with the pompom maker. Plus have pictures to you how it is done.

Now that the board is dry, hot glue the burlap flower to the bunnies behind. On top of the flower hot glue your pompom.

     Enjoy your decorated bunny board

                     Hilo Ben Franklin

Monday, March 5, 2018

Mason Jar Football Centerpiece

It's almost that time!!
You guessed right!
Graduation season!!

mason jar
brown and yellow acrylic craft paint
white oil based DecoColor paint pen
green krinkle grass
foam oasis
football stickers
dowel rods / flat sticks
hot glue gun / hot glue sticks

First, paint your mason jar brown, and your dowel rods / sticks a bright yellow. Allow to dry. 

Place oasis inside jar, and stick dowel rods inside. Fill top with green krinkle shreds. 

Hot glue yellow sticks together to make the goal post. Stick into oasis. 
Using your oil based white marker, draw on the football strings on the front of your mason jar. 

Then stick on your football stickers from your matching set! If you feel like personalizing your centerpiece for your particular grad, print out their photo and glue it to one of the dowel rods! Have fun with it! 

Happy graduation season and have fun creating!!

Bethany and Dolly @Enchanted Lake

Monday, February 26, 2018

Mini Pallet Night Sky Painting

This week I wanted to show you "mini painting" ideas!

This project will also be taught as a class on April 14th from 5-7p at our HouseMart Ben Franklin Enchanted Lake location! The fee is $35 with all supplies included!

at least 20 popsicle sticks
2 longer sticks
acrylic paint in white, black, assorted blues, purples, teals and pinks
1" wide rectangle nylon paintbrush
cup of water
hot glue / hot glue gun
black ribbon
silver Minc foil
Zig 2 way glue pen

First, hot glue your popsicle sticks to two longer sticks. I used 16, but feel free to experiment with different lengths and sizes! 

Next, paint your mini pallet with your assorted colors, starting from black and working down to purple, blue, and teal and pink.

Next, after your background is completely dry, sprinkle some watered down white paint using your paintbrush over the surface to create stars!

Then once your stars are dry, you can use your Zig glue pen, and Minc foil to make a few of the stars extra shiny!

 Then all you need to do is paint a silhouette of palm trees using black paint! 

Hot glue a bow and a ribbon to the top, and ta da!
A super cute night scene!

Have fun!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Love wreath

            LOVE WREATH

Styrofoam 12” Wreath
Mrxcro Lace 7/8”x30yd. Scalp
DT Pearl Sticky back 10mm
2- Pick rose Gem Pink 10”
3- Canvas Cord hemp rope Natural 45sq
EK Stick alpha hot pink
Hot glue gun

Wrap the Styrofoam wreath with the canvas cord. It will take almost three rolls   to cover the whole thing. When wrapping me did put a little hot glue to make sure it does not move.

Cut a 18 inch strip of the lace ribbon for the banner
Cut 8 piece of 1 ½ inch strips. Hot glue to pieces together in a triangles shape. Cut the ends to make it more triangle shape (as shown in picture). You will need 4 of them.
Glue one letter of the word LOVE to each triangles, then glue to the 18 inch strip.
Glue the lace a cross the wreath.
Glue the flower at the bottom more to one side.

     enjoy and have a great time !

        JOY @ Ben franklin

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mermaid Jar

Happy Monday, art movers, shakers and makers!

I am so excited for beach weather! Here is a mermaid mason jar project that will light up any beach themed home or party!

Supplies : 
mason jar
pink tissue paper
gloss mod podge
light blue acrylic craft paint
blue ribbon
black paper
double sided tape
twinkle lights 
cup of water for 

First, glue tissue to mason jar and let dry. Cut out a mermaid silhouette with HouseMart Ben Franklin's complementary Accucut machine that is free to use!  Use double sided tape to secure to the inside of the jar.

Thin out some of the light blue acrylic paint with water and "watercolor" some of it over the top and bottom of the tissue covered mason jar.

Allow to dry and then tie jute, ribbon, and starfish to the outside!

Throw some tinkle lights in there behind your mermaid silhouette and you have yourself a fancy magic nightlight!

 Have fun crafting!

Bethany @Enchanted Lake