Thursday, July 11, 2013

Back-to-School Crafting: Recycled Paper Notebooks

 Hello, fellow crafters!

Getting ready for Back-To-School? What better way to spruce up your notes than with a personalized notebook? We've got some great recycled kraft paper notebooks in our stores  ready for you to decorate. 

Some materials you can use:
- Acrylic paints like: Delta Ceramcoat brand or Soy Paints
- Scrapbook paper
- Double sided tape like (Terrifically Tacky Tape works very well)
- Tacky Glue or craft adhesives
- Scissors
- Glossy Accents (clear gloss medium)
- Embellishments (Buttons, Stickers, old board game tiles, etc.)

Here are some samples of what you can do to make these lovely books your own.
Add some color using soy paints. These soy based acrylic paints give you great coverage and they come in a variety of different vibrant colors. Take some Terrifically Tacky Tape (one of our great double sided tapes), sprinkle on some fine glitter, tap off the excess and you've got yourself a little shimmery accent. We've also taken a Sharpie to add some cute doodle accents.
 Decorate using some patterned scrapbook paper. Add a little bit of dimension and highlights using Glossy Accents.
Experiment with some texture! Here we've taken some bubble wrap and acrylic paint and stamped the bubble wrap onto scrapbook paper for this cool effect. We also took some old board game tiles and adhered it to the front with some E600.

These are just some of the many things you can do to decorate these versatile little notebooks. Come down and check out all the different styles we have and have some fun!

Craft on, everyone!

at Housemart Ben Franklin Crafts - Pearl City

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  1. I just used the bubble wrap idea and it turned out awesome! I was looking for a different way to apply acrylic paint for texture. Thank you!