Monday, November 9, 2015

Seaglass Starfish Ornament

Hey Everyone!
Today we are going to learn how easy it is to make your own beachy adorable seaglass starfish ornament!

The Supplies you will need are as follows:

*clear glass ornaments of any size
*Krylon Seaglass Spray (I used the color Aqua)
*a teal tube of Scribbles puffy paint (or a pearlized BoBunny Pearler Pen)
*a dowel rod (to make spraying easier)
*a white fine tip Deco oil based paint pen
*some jute/twine to finish off


Remove the metal top of glass ornament. Then after setting up your sturdy dowel rod outside, place your ornament on its end. This way, you don't have to touch the glass as your spray it, and it can completely dry without being damaged.

Spray from 8-12 inches away, being sure not to focus on one area too long. Apply repeated thin coats for best effect. The more you spray, the more intense the color. After you have your desired amount of applied frosty aqua, allow to dry for at least an hour. This ensures no chipping of color happens, and that your paint pen can write on a dry smooth surface.


After your ornament is completely dry, you can begin the dotted starfish. Taking your Scribbles paint, or Pearler Pen, tap your paint upside down with the cap on to ensure there are no bubbles. With a basic star you can dot your self a guide by dotting 5 spots in the shape of a pentagon. I freehanded my star, but a pentagon shape makes the best guide for beginners, making a triangle come from every two points. The dots will be pointy at first. Don't worry. As it dries it will round out.

After dotting my star outline, I filled in the star with bigger dots at the tips and smaller dots towards the middle.

When you're done, let sit for another hour. Only 2 more steps left!


After your dots have completely dried, take out your white fine tip Deco paint pen and draw the outline of your star! Don't hug the dots too closely. The space will create it's own clean edge!
 And the rounder the corners are, the more "starfishy" and less "pointed star" your shape will look.

In nature starfish move and sometimes one leg is bigger or wider than the other, so don't be afraid to make your outline unique!


After  your white line is dry (which should only take 5 minutes at most) You are all set!

Just loop your bit of jute around the metal tab that goes in the top of your glass ball and you've made an adorable starfish ornament!!

Bethany @ Enchanted Lake

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