Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Video Game Pencil Holder

Hey guys!

You my begin to learn I have a liking for all things geek. So today we're going to work on a video game inspired craft. We at Ben Franklin have a massive stock of wood products just dying to be painted and decorated. I used one of the wood pencil holders we carry and made it a video game style pipe. Ideal for holding your pencils or cardstock Venus Flytraps.
For this project you will need:
-The Pencil holder pictured, or any round container.
-A darker and lighter shade of green. (White to lighten a green is acceptable.)
-2mm Foamie Sheet. (any color, but preferably green, white.)
-Hot Glue Gun
-Black Marker

Our first step is adding the top outer layer of the pipe. Cut a 2 inch wide strip along the long side of the foamie sheet. Cut that strip length of the circumstance of the pencil holder. Wrapping the strip around the pencil holder and marking where the sheet meets is the easiest way to see how long you need your sheet to be. Once you've done that, wrap and hot glue the strip along the top of the pencil holder.
Next, You're going to paint the entire holder your darker shade of green. I used Spring Green for my pipe. I didn't paint the inside of my pipe but your are welcomed to. Once that first layer is dry, your going to use your lighter shade of green and paint stripes vertically down the sides of your pipe. make sure you keep the edges straight and visible. This will give your pipe a 2D effect of depth, just like it's in a video game.
When your paint is dry, take your black marker and boldly trace the bottom of the foamie strip on your pipe. This will add to the 2D look.
Then you have it! Your own video game style pencil holder. If you're interested in accenting your holder with a flytrap, I made mine out of green, red, and white cardstock. I cut a stem and leaves shape out of the green cardstock. For the red I cut a large circle and then cut a V shape out of it to give it a "Pac Man" mouth. Then with the white I punched out a few white circles and glued them to the red circle, then trimmed the parts of the white that stuck out. Then I cut out a white shape of the lips and teeth and glued it to the red circle to finish it's mouth. Finally I traced ever shape with my black marker to give it it's 2D look.

I hope you enjoyed this geeky craft because I'm glad to think of more!

James @ Market City

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