Saturday, April 1, 2017

Square Vine wreath

                                            Square Vine Wreath

Wreath- Square Branches 24”
Succulents Bush 8.5” asst. 2 pieces
Succulents 7.5: asst -need 2 pieces
Wild Succulents spray 6” need 2
Stem- TBR gurb Daisy need 2
Clips 4” birds with feathers tail
Hot glue gun
Floral wire 26 gauge

Twist on the succulents to the braches. There is a low balance on one side and high balance on the other side, this way you a good effect.

Then after you put the all the succulents into place and then, you should hot glue them into place... Arrange the daisy where you would like them.
You can place the birds onto the wreath, where you would like them.

         Joy Hilo Ben Franklin

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