Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pompom Ghost

         Pompom Ghost

Material List:
Pompom Maker
White Yarn
Sharp Scissors
2x2 Black felt
15mm Google Eyes
Hot glue gun

1- The pompom maker opens from both sides, open one side. Start to wrap the yarn around it. Make it as full as possible; just make sure you can close it.
2- Open the other side and do the same. Cut the yarn when done

3- You will need a 12” piece of the yarn
4- When both sides are fully covered with the yarn & closed. Take your scissors to cut down the middle of each side.
5- Take the yarn, put in the middle and tie real tight.
6- Then pull out the sides.
7-Take you scissors and Shape. Starting at the top of the pompom,  cut small and work your way down the pompom.
8- Leave it long on the bottom. Shape it, so it looks like both side are going out
9- Glue on your google eyes to the front and make a mouth out of the felt and glue on. .

 JOY @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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