Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Asian Floral Lanterns

Hello, everyone! New Year's has come and gone, happy 2018! I hope everyone has the greatest year yet! This year, it will be year of the dog, and Chinese New Year is hot on our heels, and what better way to decorate than with pretty paper lanterns? These aren't in the traditional red, but still, who could complain when they're this lovely?


  • White Paper Lantern
  • Black Paint (acrylic or watercolor)
  • Brush-preferably a Round. Size is based on preference.
  • Sakura, Plum, Apple, or Dogwood flower spray.
  • Hot Glue Gun + Glue Sticks

  • Remove all flowers off your spray. They should pop off nice and easy peasy. (I used plum blossoms for this one!)

  • Inflate your lantern by inserting the metal piece to create a globe shape.

  • Using your brush and paint, create branches across your lantern. You can concentrate them on the front, or have them wrap all the way around the lantern- totally up to you!

  • Hot glue on your flowers that you plucked off semi-sporadically onto the painted branches.

  • Done! Enjoy! :) It's also optional to put lights- like firefly lights or tea lights inside the lantern for nighttime use. It adds a soft, pretty glow!

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