Monday, March 5, 2018

Mason Jar Football Centerpiece

It's almost that time!!
You guessed right!
Graduation season!!

mason jar
brown and yellow acrylic craft paint
white oil based DecoColor paint pen
green krinkle grass
foam oasis
football stickers
dowel rods / flat sticks
hot glue gun / hot glue sticks

First, paint your mason jar brown, and your dowel rods / sticks a bright yellow. Allow to dry. 

Place oasis inside jar, and stick dowel rods inside. Fill top with green krinkle shreds. 

Hot glue yellow sticks together to make the goal post. Stick into oasis. 
Using your oil based white marker, draw on the football strings on the front of your mason jar. 

Then stick on your football stickers from your matching set! If you feel like personalizing your centerpiece for your particular grad, print out their photo and glue it to one of the dowel rods! Have fun with it! 

Happy graduation season and have fun creating!!

Bethany and Dolly @Enchanted Lake

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