Saturday, August 4, 2018

Shell Art PLanner

                     Shell Art Planter

Wall Art Bark Planter 30182327
Shell   Crush Shell Nat Mop Large 30191699
Shell Turris 30173016
Small World Mix 30058888
Decorative Scrap Net
Hot Glue
Boug-Lavender/Fern 30195424
1 Pearl from Bead Soup

Hang and glue net to the back of the planter
On the bottom of the planter glue the crushed shells all over it.
Then take a small piece of net and glue over the crushed shells.


Using a crushed shell as your base, the take the turris shells (use the bigger ones for the outside). Glue 7 to the base. The using a smaller size one, Glue one in between each of the 7. The last one glue in the middle...
Make a big one and a smaller one.
Repeat the same with purple clams
Take 2 white clam shells and glue them together, leave opening. Put the pearl in the opening and glue down.
Glue the Smaller Turris flower at the top of the planter, the bigger one in the middle at the side.
Hot glue the Lavender fern inside of the planter.
Glue the Starfish behind the Lavender fern but so you can see it, the clam flower at the top of the opening of the planter next to the fern.

      It was fun to make    Enjoy

Joy @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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