Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cars and Rockets and Battleships, Oh My!

Come Check It Out!!

If you haven't been to Hilo Ben Franklin recently, you may not have seen our newly expanded selection of rockets and models. (No, not supermodels...just cars, trucks, and other fun stuff. :D)

We have a new selection of toys for big boys (and girls too), not just the little ones. Our store manager, Bert, is a model enthusiast and has been looking forward to the addition of new items to this previously slim section of the store. Not only are there new models and rockets, but there are paints and other much-needed supplies for your project. Everything you need to be able to put together and launch your rocket is right here at Ben Franklin!

There are cars and even big trucks...

Battleships and tanks...

And, of course, rockets!

The paints and other things to decorate your projects are right above the models.

These rockets and models make great projects to work on with your kids. I heard a great story today about a father working on a model car with his little girl. It'll create great memories for both of them. I remember my dad and my brother working on model jets when I was little. They're still showcased on a shelf in my parents' room at home.

Come visit us soon to check out the new stuff! Maybe you'll find your new project where you least expect it. These rockets and models also make great Father's Day gifts. (Pssst! Father's Day is on June 19!)

**Coming Soon!!!**

* Rockets and Models Club - Details are still being worked out, but keep on the lookout for a new club for model and rocket enthusiasts. We'll be meeting once a month, probably at the beginning of the month, to work on and talk about our rockets and models. More information will be available as things are finalized.

* Paper Party and Family Fun Day - Save the Date for Saturday, July 23, 2011 for our Hilo Ben Franklin Paper Party and Family Fun Day! We're still hard at work putting together the fun stuff we'll have prepared for you but as soon as we can, we'll share the details with you!

See you soon!

~Jen @ Hilo Ben Franklin

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