Friday, September 30, 2011

Crankin' Out Crafts Episode 6: Butterfly Clothespin Favor & Framing Tip: Guest Signatures Mat

Happy Birthday to you! Lisa is back again for the last episode of our birthday themed Crankin’ Out Crafts. Get ready for the “Butterfly Clothespin Favor!”

Lisa shows off these cute party favors, made with wooden clothespins and scrapbooking paper, which are perfect for a bug themed birthday party.

The supplies for these fluttery butterflies are:

Tacky glue
Double stick tape
Pretty scrapbooking paper
Square plastic bag (Heiko T9 bag used in video)
Wooden Clothespin
Pipe cleaner
Googley eyes
Candy (you can’t forget the candy)

Also, B-Dizzle is back again with a new Friday Framing tip. This time she shows us a “Guest’s Signatures Mat.”

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episodes of Crankin’ Out Crafts. Please join us next week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for more crafting fun and a brand new theme.

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