Monday, December 26, 2011

Ready for a New Year?

Well, we all made it through Christmas. Pat yourself on the back, only one more holiday to go. Are you ready for the New Year? I thought that we might start the year off right by making a present for ourselves. Never mind all those other people! It's time to do something for you. So here's my project:

Yes, it's another calendar using those nifty SRM calendar stickers. I really wanted to make something decorative AND useful so I put together this wall-hanging calendar. 

Each month is made on a pre-cut chipboard pennant. You could use any shape that you want, but I thought that the pennants might be cute.

And just like the previous calendar posts, we're using up scrapbooking scraps, ribbons, buttons, and even making some of our own embellishments out of the stuff we already have.

I hope you like it. If you want a closer look at this calendar, you can always stop in at Enchanted Lake for a visit. I'll have it hanging up by our make your own calendars and SRM stickers.

Thanks for stopping by!
Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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