Friday, December 28, 2012

Create a New Year's Resolution Photo Op

Aloha Crafters ~

Today's Idea & Inspiration is a Backdrop for a New Year's Resolution Photo Op. Using our 12X12 Chalkstock Paper, the writing can be changed by just erasing and reapplying personalized resolutions time after time.

  • Backdrop of choice (form core, canvas or cardboard)
  • Waterfall Raffia (300777840
  • Glossy Black Spray Paint (77642637)
  • Brilliant Gold Spray Paint (77643080)
  • Spotted Leopard Duck Tape (4369831)
  • 12X12 Chalkstock Paper (30132754)
  • Brown Sugar Glitter Tape (30136570)
  • Foamie Tiara (30104877)
  • 2" Foam Letters (30104791)
  • Tape of choice
  • Blade of choice
  1. Using Black Spray Paint, paint backdrop
  2. Tape strands of Waterfall Raffia to dried backdrop
  3. Using Brilliant Gold, Spray Black Backdrop with attached Waterfall Raffia
  4. Once dry, remove raffia
  5. Cut ends off Tiara foamie, spray it & letters with Brilliant Gold Spray Paint (see picture)
  6. Using Brown Sugar Glitter Tape, adhere 12X12 Chalkstock Paper to Backdrop
  7. Using blade of choice, cut hole for head (if desired, arm holes can be cut to hold 12X12 chalkstock paper)
  8. Adhere Tiara
  9. Using Spotted Leopard Duck Tape, "frame" backdrop
Happy Crafting!

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