Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Sandy Hook Angel Ornament

"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings"

A school teacher approached me yesterday at our Market City location looking for help with an angel ornament idea to send to the families of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  This is the idea we came up with.  I was so touched by the heart felt sentiment of this lovely women, that I promptly made one.  This is what crafting is about....an inspired idea..created with love and compassion..shared with others from the heart to bring comfort and joy.  This ornament is to remember and give love to the little angels of Sandy Hook Elementary... we will never forget you!

Materials Used:     

-wood Heart (wings)
-wood balls (head)
-wood candle cups (body_
-large flat sequins (halo)
-Ceramcoat Metalic 14k Gold paint (wings)
-gold glitter (wings)
-Crafter's Acrylic dark turquoise paint (body)
-Folk Art violet pansy paint (head)
-gold elastic thread
-small jingle belss
-poly-foam brush (3)
-hot glue gun and sticks

Put It Together

-paint one side of heart gold and sprinkle with gold glitter while paint is still wet.
-paint bead/head violet and brush with gold paint when dry
-paint candle cup/body with turquoise and brush with gold paint when dry
-paint backside and edges of heart with violet dragging the edges onto the gold with very little paint on the foam brush
-glue or tie gold elastic string strung with bell through the candle cup.
-using your hot glue assemble the head to the bottom of the candle cup and sequins to the back-top of the head.
-glue created figure to the center of the heart. 
-glue ribbon to the back to hang.

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