Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Heart Punch Tree Favor

I just love the creative possibilities that punches have.  Today, I decided to use 3 different heart punches, star punch, and a little circle punch to create a tree on our 7 inch favor tube.  I love how it turned out!

- Marvy Uchida Heart Punches (blue and green)
-Martha Stewart Heart Punch
-Double Sided Tape
-Beacon 3in1 Glue
-Marvy Uchida Star Punch (yellow)
-EK tools 1/2" Circle Punch
-Red, Brown and Yellow Card stock 2"x 3and 3/4" each
-White, Green and Gold Stamp Pads
-Favor Tube: sku 30123061 *item of the month

How to:
-Using double sided tape stick brown paper around the bottom portion of the tube
-Punch 12 hearts with the blue punch
-Punch 8 hearts with the Martha Stewart punch
-Punch 7 hearts with the green punch
-Using various stamp pads distress the hearts to add texture
-With double sided tape down the center of the backside of the heart add 3 rows of 4 of the largest heart (staggering each row)
-Add 1 row of 8 Martha Stewart hearts (stagger with previous row)
-Stagger one last row of 7 of the smallest hearts
-Punch 1/4" circles (and whatever else you want to add) out of red card stock and glue onto tree
-Punch yellow star and glue or tape to the outer part of the lid of the tube.

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