Sunday, November 17, 2013

Inkagold Table Trees

Aloha Crafters,

Todays Idea and Inspiration is a jingly and fuzzy table tree. They're fun, and festive and the whole family can make a tree in their favorite color!

Nani Sparkle Yarn- Grass Green (30071453)
Nani Sparkle Yarn- Pure White (30136383)
Inkagold Paint- Emerald (30142962)
7" Paper Mache Cone (30121472)
10" Paper Mache Cone (30109045)
3/8" Gold Jingle Bells (30086411)
1/2" Mutli Colored Jingle Bells (30086413)
Sponge Brushes 
Hot Glue

Optional instead of inkagold
Ceramcoat- White (77624882)
Delta Acrylic- Holiday Green (30098130)

1. Sponge paper mache cone with Inkagold paint.
2. Wrap yarn around cone.
3. Glue on jingle bells, and you're done!

Happy Crafting!

Lani @ Kahului

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