Thursday, July 9, 2015

Antique Foil Art

Hi there! I've been seeing a lot of these antique foil art projects lately so I decided to try it for myself! It looks pretty cool and makes great wall decoration.

You will need the following supplies:

- A wood object to antique (letter, piece of board, picture frame, etc.)
- Tacky glue
- Aluminum foil
- Americana Creme Wax
- Mod Podge in Matte
- Foam brush

First, draw your design in pencil on your object.  I chose to do mine on the backing of a picture frame.

Next, outline your drawing in tacky glue.  The reason to use tacky instead of Elmer's is because the tacky glue holds its shape when it dries while the Elmer's glue dries flat. Let the glue dry completely.  To speed it up you can use a blow drier or heat tool.

Next, cover your object with a sheet of foil.  Get a nice snug fit and tape the edges of the foil down to the back of your object.  Use a cloth or paper towel to rub over your foil so it forms to the shape of the glue.

Now paint over the foil using the Americana Creme Wax in brown.  After the entire piece is covered, use a paper towel to gently rub off the wax.  Do this process a couple of times to slowly build up the color.  I was also told that you can use shoe polish in place of the creme wax if you want a darker look.

Once you've achieved the color you desire, paint over the entire piece with Mod Podge.  I used the Matte finish to take away some of the shine of the foil.

Again to speed up the drying you can use a blow drier or heat tool.

Once it's dry you are ready to display your new piece of art! I put mine back in its frame to hang.

There you have it!

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Rachel @ Mapunapuna

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