Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pinwheel Gift Bow and Favor Box

Hey, Everyone!  Today we are going to be using the We R Memory Pinwheel Punch Board to create a mini pinwheel which we will be using as a "bow" for our favor box.

Here's what we'll need:
We R Memory Pinwheel Punch Board
2 pieces of cardstock
decorative buttons
Small paper mache box
acrylic paint
foam brush
hot glue gun (not pictured)
brad (not pictured)

 First, you're going to paint your box.  I used the Americana Satin Acrylic Paint in Black Tie, but you could use any color of acrylic paint you'd like.  After you're finished, set it on the side to dry.
I have both pieces of cardstock cut into 3x3 in. squares, which is the smallest pinwheel you can create with this punch board. 

Following the directions on the board itself, you're first going to punch holes into the corners.


Lift up the clear cutting slot and line up the punched corner of your first paper with the 3 inch mark on the left side of the board.  Bring the slot back down and press the point at the bottom into the paper.  This will create the hole that  your brad will go through when you put the pinwheel together. 
Then, you're going to slide the cutter toward the center of the paper.  Do this for all four corners.
This first paper is going to be the inner layer of your finished pinwheel.

For the second paper, you're going to line up the corner at the 3 inch mark on the right side of the board, for this will be the outer layer of the pinwheel.  Repeat the cutting process. 

After you've cut both pieces, you're going to layer them with the brad through the center.  Make sure you have the corners of the bottom layer "pulled through" the slits in the top.

Then, you're going to start bringing the corners of the top paper in, slipping the holes onto the brad.  Do the same for the second piece, flatten the brad ends, and embellish with a button.

Then, hot glue your pinwheel to the top of your box, add a small tag on the side and you're all set!  These are great for party favors or for small gifts for special occasions.

Erika @ Pearl City

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