Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ladybug Costume

Hi there!  Our Halloween merchandise has started to roll in and I started to get excited about possible costumes.  Here's one that's super easy to make and looks absolutely adorable!

You'll need the following supplies:

- 1 solid red T-shirt
- 2 pieces of black felt
- 2 black chenille stems
- 2 black 1" pom poms
- 1 red headband
- 1 roll of black tulle
- 1 roll of 7/8" black satin ribbon
- double sided tape or Fabric Tac

First, use white chalk or pencil to trace  2" or 3" circles on your black felt.  Cut them out using a sharp scissors.

Arrange half of the circles on the front of the shirt.  If you want this costume to be permanent then glue the felt down with Fabric Tac.  If you want the circles to be removable then just use double sided tape.  Repeat on the back of the shirt.

Next, measure out your ribbon so that it fits around your waist and you still have enough room at either end to tie a bow.  Find a piece of cardboard that is the length you want the tutu to be.  Wrap your tulle around the cardboard at least 50 times to make a full skirt.  Cut one wrapped end in half so that the tulle opens up and is now twice as long as the cardboard.  To make it easier to attach the tulle to the ribbon, either tie your ribbon around something or tie each end to something.  Take a strip of tulle, fold it in half, and create a larks head knot around the ribbon.

Do this with each strip of tulle until your ribbon is full.  You may need to cut more tulle.  You can also cut strips of ribbon the same length as your tulle and attach them the same way.

To make your antennas, wrap each chenille stem around a pencil to get the curl.  Use a hot glue gun to attach a pom pom to one end of each stem.  Wrap the other ends around the head band.  Wrap them enough so that the chenille stem can stand up and doesn't just fall over.

There you have it! Wear it over a pair of black leggings or shorts. 

It's an adorable costume and is great for all ages :)

Until next time, happy crafting!
Rachel @ Mapunapuna

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