Saturday, April 29, 2017

3D Vase

                                  3 D Vase
Square Vase
Seasonal Fish Napkins
Glass gems –Ice Blue
Small shells
Turquoise Twine
Hot Glue Gun
Razor Blade

Take the Napkins and Iron out all creases out of it. There are 3 layers of the napkins. You need to take apart all layers. You only need the layer with the picture of the fishes on it.
Mod Podge 3 sides of the vase.  Arrange the napkins, so it center on the vase. Make sure the napkin fits around the sides. If there is any excess on the side, Use the razor blade to scrap off, so it perfectly at the edge and Let it dry completely
When dry Mod podge over the napkin. Do not rub on the mod podge it will rip the napkins. You should dab it instead of rubbing. Best results. Let dry completely

When totally dry, face the vase so the side with no napkins is in the front.
Use the twine to wrap around the top of vase, make sure to leave extra twine for a bow, plus excess to hang down the case. Hot glue the shells to the end of the two long pieces of twine.
Fill the case with the Ice blue glass gems. .
    You are done.
  There is more to come with using the napkins. Stay tuned.

                Hilo Ben Franklin

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