Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Graduation Centerpiece

If our stores' AWESOME displays haven't already given it away, Graduation Season has officially started!  It's time to start weaving and braiding those leis, to send out those Senior portraits to relatives you may not have been aware of until now, and to start ordering those graduation posters and banners!;)   Another thing that probably every parent has had on their  "HAVING A CHILD" To-Do List for the past 17 or 18 years is of course their graduate's GRADUATION PARTY!
 I've seen everyone from the last minute decorators to those who come in right after Valentine's Day, searching for ideas and inspiration (See what I did there?) on how to decorate for their child's grad party.  I'm talking banners, centerpieces, cake stands, table covers, favors and more.  
Well, today I have a centerpiece project that is really easy and quick to make!
All you need are a few items!

For the cap I used a 12x12" piece of black chipboard that I cut down to a 9x9 square, 12x12" black cardstock, embroidery floss for the tassel, and a black brad.   I made the base of the cap with the cardstock, cutting two 3 1/2 x 12" wide strips, with one of the strips having a triangular shape coming out at least one more inch.  This is for that front part of the cap that goes over the forehead.  I made a basic tassel by winding the floss around four of my fingers and tying it off at the center.  Then I secured the end of the tassel to the center of the grad cap with the brad.

On the bubble vase, I took some alcohol inks and then, me being a Pearl City graduate, dripped some purple, silver and cool pearl (lavender) straight onto the glass.  To give it a splattered look, I blew on some small drops that I squeezed onto the glass and let the ink sort of spread to create a "fuzzy" look.  Letting some of the ink dry in the dripping state also adds to the paint splatter look. 
After I let the alcohol inks completely dry, I wrote on top of the design using a white oil-based marker.  Oil-based paint markers are always going to be the best for glass when you want an opaque and permanent line.  Also, they won't scratch off like their acrylic counterparts!  I gave the letters a shadow detail using a thinner black oil-based marker and then filled the vase with a strand of the warm white firefly lights!  That is really what makes this centerpiece shine!
If you really want to make things fun (and take advantage of the lights), how about a cute face?  Yes!  This can be double-sided!  You could even cut your graduate's school logo out from vinyl and stick it onto the glass.  Coordinate the color of the lights to the school!  Red for Radford and Kaimuki, Blue for Moanalua or Waipahu?  Even the hat and tassel can be changed up! 
Have fun!
Erika @ PC

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