Saturday, March 31, 2018

Bunny Board

                 Bunny Board

    a oldie but goody

 Unfinished Wood Wall Plaque with Hanger
Cut out bunny shape
White Creamcoat Paint
1/25 Stroke Paint Brush
1 Burlap Flower Color of choice
1 Tulle – color of choice
Need Sheer ribbon in 3/8 Inch and 5/8 (color of choice
Large 3” Pompom maker
Hot glue gun

Lay the board flat, and trace the bunny image onto it.  When done you can tracing you can paint the inside of the bunny with the White paint. Set aside to dry.

While it is drying you can take your ribbon and make a bow. You should have 2 different sizes and color. Tie it to the top of the board next to the rope.

Take the pompom maker, using the tulle start to make the pompom. Following the instructions that come with the pompom maker. Plus have pictures to you how it is done.

Now that the board is dry, hot glue the burlap flower to the bunnies behind. On top of the flower hot glue your pompom.

     Enjoy your decorated bunny board

                     Hilo Ben Franklin

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