Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Glitter It' and Alcohol Ink Ornaments


-Glitter It
-Clear plastic or glass ornaments
-Funnel (you can make one out of paper if you like
-Alcohol Inks and felt  and stamper 
-Gloves (if you don't want to get ink on your hands)

Glitter It!!

-First take the top of your ornament and at an angle pour Glitter It in the ornament.  Slowly swirl the ornament around (do not shake) gradually to coat the inside evenly...a little excess is ok.

-Pour glitter in the ornament with your funnel.  Swirl glitter around to coat the inside.  Let dry for a minute or five and dump out the excess glitter.

Alcohol Inks:

-Place felt on your stamper and add drops of Alcohol Inks...I like to use metallics and a few other colors at once...you can also do the colors one at a time and layer.

-Holding the ornament at the opening (use your gloves)...take the inked stamper and apply to the outside surface of the ornament.  I like to blot and twist a little, but don't be afraid to try your own technique.

-Let dry and accessorize with stickers, gems, ribbon and any embellishment you like...

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Glittered inside with a few colors, alcohol inks outside...so pretty!
Glittered inside, alcohol inks outside

This one is glittered on the inside with snowflake foam stickers on the outside...pretty bow..tadaaah!

Glittered inside, foam letter stickers on the outside...

We have an awesome selection of glitter, ornaments, ribbon, stickers, alcohol inks and more!

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