Saturday, June 30, 2018

4th of July Wreath

 4th of July Wreath

Material list:
16” Styrofoam wreath
Yarn   red, white and 2 different blues (you can do any colors you like)
PomPom Makers    all 4 sizes
Greening pins
Glue gun

 Wrap the ribbon all around the wreath. Hot glue the end to the wreath.


 With each size pompom maker, make 5 of each color in each size.

Insert the greening pin to back of the pompom, add some hot glue to the back of the pompom too. Poke the greening pin into the wreath to secure it. If need add more hot glue. Keel repeating until the wreath is full. Arrange as you go.

It can made in any color combos.
I really likes the Red, White and Blue


Please enjoy and have fun with it.
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         Joy@ Hilo Ben Franklin

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