Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Gleeful Beginning

As you may have heard, the whole EL crew is getting SUPER excited about the upcomming "Glee-full Graduation" event. Since I was starting some prep this morning I decided to give everyone a little sneak peak at one of the things that will be featured for this special occasion. Using Jenny's awesome acrylic transfer technique I made a photo canvas starring the glee cutie Puck.

For this project I started with a copied picture of Puck, already subjected to Jenny's transfer technique (we'll let you all in on the acrylic transfer secret in a later blog), a 16x20 canvas, gloss heavy gel, and some great brown toned acrylic paints.

Then using the gloss heavy gel mixed with the acrylic paint colors, I created an interesting background for my picture.

Then again using the gloss heavy gel, I attached the picture to the canvas. This is just like how decopage is used to create a collage. After attaching the picture I went back over the image with the gloss heavy gel mixed with just a little bit of paint to sort of blur the edges. Here's the finished product:

Who knew how fun and versatile those acrylic mediums could be! This one is especially interesting because it makes your paint colors transparent for awesome layering.

More Glee-full stuff coming up!

Puna @ Enchanted Lake BFC

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