Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Our stores have recently brought in a brand new product from Tim Holtz and I couldn't help myself, I needed to show it to everyone.

The line is called idea-ology and it has some great metal pieces that you can use on scrapbooking and wood projects. For my first piece I decided to make a wood frame with a vintage farm house kind of feel to it.

To start I used an RTD wood frame, two colors of acrylic paint, Ceramcoat sealer and crackle, and the idea-ology foliage, corners, and ornate plates.

I used one coat of sealer on the frame before I started to paint, to cut down on paint coats. Then I painted one pretty heavy bottom coat of sandstone paint. After the first coat dried I applied the crackle medium in a medium layer. When the crackle had dried for about 10 minutes, I used a light antique white color for my topcoat.

This is what the crackled frame looked like after everything had dried. I have to say that I had a lot of fun with the crackle medium. It was kind of exciting waiting to see how the crackle would turn out.

To finish up the piece I added just a little bit of the Tim Holtz idea-ology pieces to help the vintage feel. All the metal pieces are in a matching distressed copper color. I put the corners on the outer corner of the frame, added the ornate plate under the picture, and placed two leaves and a flower from the foliage set just above the picture.

Now that I finished my first piece and saw how nicely it came out I'm itching to start on another one. Maybe I'll make a box next.

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Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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