Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Graduation Favor-ite

Welcome to Graduation season everyone! Because our stores want to help you with all your graduation needs, each store is doing daily demonstrations of graduation projects. To give you an idea about what's going on in the stores, I'm showing you a demonstration that we will be doing this month at Enchanted Lake.

The project is called the Scoreboard Favor and the supplies you need are: a Martha Stewart scoreboard, a paper trimmer, scissors, white card stock, double-sided colored card stock, clear acetate sheets, Beacon 3-n-1 glue, pink (2.5 inch) Marvi Uchida scalloped circle punch, blue (2 inch) Marvi Uchida circle punch, black stamp ink, and a sentiment stamp.

To begin, cut your colored card stock into a 4" x 6" piece. For this blog I'm using a piece of blue card stock but you can use any color that fits in with your theme. (School colors are always an easy choice for graduation.) Next, using the scoreboard, score the paper at the 1" mark on every side. Then make 2 cuts into each of the longer sides of the paper to make the box flaps.
Your piece should now look like this:

This is will become the bottom of the favor box. Use the double-sided tape to tape up the flaps and shape the box. Next, follow the same steps as above with a piece of clear acetate to make the box top. To put the top of the box together, I used the Beacon 3-n-1 glue to glue the flaps closed instead of taping them. Here's your box top and bottom all shaped up:

Because the acetate sheet is very flexible the top fits easily onto the bottom of the box. To finish up, punch one scalloped circle (pink punch) out of your colored card stock and one circle (blue punch) out of the white card stock. Stamp your sentiment on the white circle and tape your white circle to the scalloped circle. Tape the layered circles to the box top and fill with treats to make the favor. My favor looks like this:

It's a pretty simple design but it can be a very elegant box given the right touches. You could add ribbon (like I did for my green favor) or change the sentiment to include the graduates name and year. The possibilites are endless for such a little thing. If you make one of these favors on your own we would absolutely love to see it. Don't be afraid to drop by the store to show it off!

Puna @ Enchanted Lake

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