Saturday, February 25, 2012

Girl's Day Out!

Today was our Girl's Day Out Paper Party at Hilo Ben Franklin! We had a great turn out and everyone had an awesome time! There were lots of Make N Takes and giveaways along with fun and laughs.

Mags had two very different Make N Takes for customers. The first one was in the morning and was the Bead Soup earrings where customers got to choose beads from our colorful bead soup and make a pretty pair of earrings. The second one, which was in the afternoon, (and pictured above) was a cute little recycled notebook.

Customers waited patiently for seats at Linda's table where she was teaching how to make a gift card holder. As soon as one group was done, another was right there waiting! And Linda was ready for them with a smile!

Sandy's table was also busy busy busy! She had two pretty card Make N Takes to show and we had to keep adding chairs to her table to make more room for people! The first card was an adorable dress card and the second was a bright and colorful card themed "Let's Hang Out!" Everytime I looked over at her table, there were people crowded around it, hard at work on their cards. Lots of fun and lots of awesome cards to show! I wish I had been able to take pictures of some of them!

In the morning, Linda had demonstrated how to make a pretty cupcake wrapper using the Eclips. I'm sure a lot of people now have the machine on their wish lists!

There were also lots of giveaways and other Make N Takes and activities that I wasn't able to take pictures of. Ramona had cupcake decorating and I manned the body art table. Oh man, was there a lot of glitter all over the place! We had some very sparkly kids running around the store!

All in all it was an awesome Paper Party! Thanks and Great Job to Ramona, Linda, and Sandy for all their hard work putting it all together! Now that this one is over, we'll soon start planning our next one. Since this one was themed Girl's Day Out, what do you think the next one might me. Could it be...Boy's Day Out? You never know!

See you soon!

~Jen at Hilo Ben Franklin

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